This is What New York Crazy Bleeding Over Into Pennsylvania Looks Like: Raising Kane

When voters are suckered into voting for a candidate backed by billionaire gun hater Michael Bloomberg, they really shouldn’t be surprised when she makes it her priority to undermine the 2nd Amendment and follows lockstep with marching orders coming from the Bloomberg command center.

Bloomberg backed crony, Kathleen Kane, is the Attorney General of Pennsylvania.  Kane, as you might have recalled in earlier articles here, received a PERFECT score from CeasefirePA, the local radical gun control group in the commonwealth.  In order to receive a perfect score, Kane would have had to answer that she is a little tougher than the Gestapo in her desire to stamp out the 2nd Amendment.

Over the past 2 years she has went on a jihad against reciprocity agreements with other states, including Florida and Utah.

But the greatest umbrage is that now she out right REFUSES to do her job.

Allow me to explain.

The state legislature passed and Governor Corbett signed into law HB80/Act 192 which in effect states that if local municipalities pass unconstitutional gun laws and enforce them that the legislatures of said municipalities would be held  financially responsible.  Namely, they would have to pay for the lawsuits that people who had their civil rights violated because of them brought against the them.

Personally, I think this is GREAT.  How many times do people allow gun control zealots to get away with violating their rights because the cost of filing a lawsuit is too great?  Perhaps these local officials will think twice before trying to abuse and harass the law abiding citizens with unconstitutional laws they KNOW are illegal to enforce and that they will be held accountable for doing so?

This up-armored preemption is all ready having a positive effect as local governments around the state are beginning to strip the unconstitutional ordinances from their registries.

But then, of course, you have the FAR left wing radicals like Doylestown Borough Council President Det Ansinn who likens the new law to “state sanctioned terrorism.”


From Det Ansinn’s Facebook page:

“Hey, did you get that threatening letter we sent you?”

Firearms industry groups are gearing up to sue Pennsylvania municipalities. Thanks to HB80, these groups have been empowered with their legal cost reimbursed by the municipalities and taxpayers.

No joke. Read the letter. This is state sanctioned terrorism and the taxpayers get to pick up the bill.

The firearms ordinances in Doylestown have been on the books for decades. They were all passed and instituted by Republicans — in saner times, I imagine. Despite this fact, given the political makeup of our council, these groups are eager to paint a target on us and make an example of us.

We have to repeal these laws, but we’re not going to do so quietly. I’m not going to be bullied into silence.

The letter he is referencing is one sent by a firearms industry consulting group simply reminding the council that knowingly passing an unconstitutional law that violates state preemption is ALL READY illegal and punishable by 5 years in prison.  The letter encourages Ansinn and the council to repeal its violative ordinances during a public meeting today, Dec. 10th.

You can read the letter in it’s entirety here: Borough of Doylestown Illegal Firearm Ordinances

If this is what Ansinn thinks bullying is, he obviously has lived a sheltered life.

So, what is Ansinn and other wanton criminals like him to do?  They are going to sue the commonwealth of Pennsylvania and try to have the law removed under constitutional grounds.

State Sen. Daylin Leach (D., Montgomery) along with other lawmakers and the cities are seeking to have the law thrown out.  Basically, Leach didn’t support it and now that it has passed by an overwhelming majority (34-14) he is seeking to circumvent the legislative process for his own ends.

Who is supposed to defend the commonwealth from this lawsuit?  None other than Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

What is Kathleen Kane ACTUALLY doing?  Nothing.  The Atorney General of Pennsylvania is REFUSING to do her job because she doesn’t like the law.  Apparently, Kane thinks that she only gets to do her job when she wants to.  This isn’t the first time either.  Kane also went against the people and failed to do her job 18 months ago when she refused to do her job and defend the state against challenges to the same-sex marriage ban that had also passed.

Here’s a newsflash for Bloomberg’s bimbo…YOU DON’T GET TO PICK AND CHOOSE WHEN TO DO YOUR JOB.

Not surprisingly, Leach praised Kane’s decision to be a parasite on Pennsylvania by pulling a paycheck but not actually working for it by saying she “is doing the right thing” and “she is under no obligation to take an untenable position.” 

First of all, it’s not untenable…these local jurisdictions ARE BREAKING THE LAW even without HB80.  All this new law does is ensure that people won’t go bankrupt in their lawsuits for having their civil rights violated.  Secondly, she absolutely has an obligation to defend the state or else what the hell are we paying her for?

Which brings me to another point.  I no longer think that Kathleen Kane is no longer competent to remain as PA’s Attorney General.

On top of her undermining the will of the people by trying to destroy CCW reciprocity with other states and her utter contempt for actually doing her job, as if she is Marie Antoinette saying we common rabble can eat cake, there is also the unethical and immoral aspects of her on the job. These range from underhanded politics to making criminal cases disappear against other Democrats.  This list includes:

• After exploiting the Jerry Sandusky scandal for political advantage, her office concluded that then-Attorney General Tom Corbett acted appropriately in conducting the investigation.

• She declined to prosecute after a sting operation found several Philadelphia lawmakers allegedly taking bribes. The Philadelphia district attorney now is on the case.

• Kane zigged and zagged on the email porn scandal, ultimately claiming some of the emails contained borderline child pornography. Her office retracted that statement but not before it made national news.

• Kane and her office received yet another black eye when they cut a plea bargain with former Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission executives indicted under her predecessor. They received no jail time for their misdeeds.

• Then there is the fact that Kane is under investigation for leaking grand jury information which could have her facing jail time.

So apparently, not only will Kane refuse to defend the state when lawsuits are brought against it, she will also refuse to prosecute fellow Democrats and will let child pornographers off the hook.

When does Kathleen Kane decide to do her job and defend the state?  When she blames a victim for allowing herself to get raped.

A 24-year-old typist working at a state prison in Bellefont, Pa., was raped in 2013 when a man thrice convicted of sex-related crimes came into her office pretending to empty the trash can. He grabbed the typist from behind, choked her until she was unconscious and raped her for 27 minutes. She had tried to blow a defense whistle, but no one heard.

The victim sued the state and prison officials, noting that she had repeatedly complained to her superior about a lack of security in her office, twice and specifically about inmate Omar Best — the man who would rape her. Her complaints about Best came just one week before the attack. She was told Best would no longer be allowed in her office.

In response to the suit Kane’s office asserted that the woman had “acted in a manner which in whole or in part contributed to the events.”

With such a rabid self serving ideologue who is willing to ignore her job to help her benefactor and cronies avoid jail time as well as leaving Pennsylvanians to foot the bill for their own civil rights being violated, how can Kane be allowed to remain as Attorney General?

With her current legal issues looming over her (if she was found complicit in grand jury leaking she would be forced to resign) and the ever present possibility that she may be impeached for repeatedly not doing her job, it is quite possible that Kathleen Kane’s term as Attorney General will end early and in disgrace.

O’ Pennsylvania…you used to be better than this.  Such things were the domain of New York Governors and slimy New York City politicians.  No wonder then, that it would be a Bloomberg backed politician that has oozed her way into a job in which her morality, ethics and qualifications for the post are non existent.

This is how New York does business in the Empire.  We’re the Keystone State.  Let’s do better in the future and not let New York City billionaires call the shots.

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