Five Moments of Liberals Mocking Gun Owners via Foot in Mouth Idiocy

So as we near the end of the year it is no surprise that liberal gun grabbing zealots have said and done a lot of idiotic things to try and defend their losing arguments against the 2nd Amendment and those who believe in the right to keep and bear arms.

But when it comes down to it, what the liberal gun control crowd really does with their hyperbolic blathering is reveal just how ignorant, intolerant and hateful they are.

Our Friends at has come up with a list of some of the most outrageous things muttered by rabid, mouth breathing gun controllers this year.

In short order:

  1. Washington DC Police Employee Claims Second Amendment Was only for ‘When the British Were Coming’
  2. Hillary Clinton Says Gun Owners ‘Terrorize the Majority of People’
  3. New York Daily News Calls Second Amendment Supporter a Gun Nut, Gun Worshiper, and Zealot for winning a gun via raffle
  4. Liberal College Students Sign Petition to Have Gun Owners “Executed”
  5. Vice-President Calls Gun Rights Advocates ‘Tea Baggers’

You can read more about these events and see the mind numbing video of many at:  Five times liberals mocked gun owners in 2014 (Video)

While it is cring worthy to see and hear people nodding in approval at the asinity of some of these examples, I do love it when the King is revealed to be wearing no clothes.  It is when you get liberal gun grabbers comfortable with actually revealing the truth that you get to see just how un-American their viewpoint really is.

These aren’t people who are looking to only get guns out of “bad people’s hands” as you, I and normal American’s would view it.  The people cited in the above examples believe that ANYONE with a gun is bad and therefore must be disarmed.  In other words, while they may talk a good game about “common sense” gun laws, their “common sense” dictates that the 2nd Amendment be abolished.

I mean, Joe Biden is trying to marginalize gun owners by using offensive slang, college students are freely signing petitions to KILL gun owners, the Daily News is trying to sway public opinion to make a guy winning a raffle seem like a nut, Hilary Clinton is straight up lying about saying gun owners terrorize a majority of people and you have dumbass DC employees who want to relegate the 2nd Amendment to the 1700’s.

This is the REAL face of gun control.

And the following animation is their short term goal on the way to repealing the 2nd Amendment:

Be on your guard America…let’s not become Massachusetts.

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