Harrisburg Adamant About Keeping Illegal Ordinances On The Books

In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a new state law going into effect on Jan. 5th, Act 192, dictates that any local municipality that has illegal firearm ordinances on the books will be financially responsible to those citizens who have their civil rights violated because of them.

While a number of cities and towns are repealing their illegal gun ordinances so as to avoid both the persecution of the innocent and now the financial fallout of said persecution (the latter seemingly being the driving factor behind the recent compliance), Pennsylvania’s capitol of Harrisburg remains obstinate.

Just to be clear, the illegal ordinances on the books of many municipalities are all ready legally unenforceable.  The new law though, gives the pre-emption in Pennsylvania teeth, allowing successful plaintiffs to force municipalities to pay their legal fees, expert witness fees, all court costs and any compensation for lost income when they are victims of said government corruption.

As it stands now, even though you cannot be convicted for local firearm violations that are not supported by state law, local cops can still arrest you and hold you and basically harrass you until the case is inevitably thrown out in court.  The new law simply states that if such things are attempted after January 5th that the victims of this government abuse will be compensated.

To hear the leaders of these crooked domains speak it was like the law was going to make the sun die out and end all life as we know it on the planet.

What they fail to grasp is that enforcing the ordinances is ALL READY against the law.  Despots like Harrisburg Mayor Eric Papenfuse apparently get their jollies off of grinding law abiding citizens under heel with unjust, unlawful and unenforceable ordinances that heretofore only cost the innocent.

Mayor Papenfuse is proud of his utter disdain for the law by stating:

 “The city’s not going to repeal its ordinances, because our police department feels that they are in the public interest, and I do too.”

Well bully for you Herr Papenfuse.  Guess what, I’m sure there were plenty of Southerners after 1865 who thought slavery was in the public interest too but they didn’t have the right to keep innocent people in bondage.

The utter contempt that Poppin Fresh (and those like him) show for not only the law but his constituency is appalling but not surprising.  Following the lead of PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane, it seems that elected public officials in Pennsylvania now can openly refuse to follow the law and refuse to do their jobs on whims if they don’t like said laws.

You can read about Kane’s refusal to defend the new law against challenge, not because of constitutional merit but simply because she doesn’t want to here:

This is What New York Crazy Bleeding Over Into Pennsylvania Looks Like: Raising Kane

So gun controllers are refusing to follow the law, refusing to defend the law and are hoping that when the new gun control Governor is elected they can somehow get rid of a law that simply protects the innocent from being financially bankrupted when they have their civil rights violated.

The fact that this is even an issue is ridiculous.  See what happens when you let Michael Bloomberg and his cronies call the shots in Pennsylvania?

Once again we are reminded that elections have consequences and for Pennsylvania those consequences are a Governor, Attorney General and a Mayor who would rather stick to their own twisted ideology and kow tow to Billionaire Michael Bloomberg than to stand up and do their job…which is mainly to protect the citizens of the Commonwealth.

For shame on Papenfuse and Kane.  I think Act 192 doesn’t go far enough.  I would say that elected officials of municipalities that pass or allow to remain ordinances that violate firearm preemption should be jailed for breaking the law.  Furthermore Kathleen Kane should be removed from office for refusing to do her job while still getting paid.  She’s basically defrauding the taxpayers of Pennsylvania and this isn’t the first time.

I hope that Act 192 passes judicial scrutiny (no help from Kane) and that the Assembly fights against any attempt to undermine the new law when Gun Controlling Gov. Tom Wolf takes office next year.

I really don’t want to live in New York-lite.


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