Can’t Sleep? In New York They’ll Seize Your Guns For Insomnia

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That case was brought about by 73 year old Clifford Tyler  who does not currently suffer from mental illness and has no history of violence, unlawful behavior, or substance abuse.  Back in 1985 though, his wife of 23 years took all his money, ran off with another man and then filed for divorce…in that order.  Shocker that Mr. Tyler would be a little upset about that.

His daughters feared for his safety, for he had become distraught and they feared suicidal.  He was involuntarily committed for about a month in 1985, was released and went on to be a productive member of society and the workforce for another 20 years.

In 2012 a psychologist evaluated Tyler and determined that, in regards to his commitment in 1985,  his reactions then “appeared to be a brief reactive depressive episode in response to his wife divorcing him.”

Once again, are states dictating that if we can’t just smile like a yokel while our wife of over 2 decades cuckolds us and steals all our money we are somehow unworthy to keep and bear arms?  I would say if someone DIDN’T have an adverse reaction to such a scenario THEY would be the ones I would worry about more.

Fortunately, the 6th Appellate Court took the matter under strict scrutiny and determined that Mr. Tyler is not a danger to himself or others and as such cannot be denied his civil rights.  They also validated Tyler’s claim that he was suing under a violation of the 2nd Amendment.  A lower court had dismissed the case stating that the 2nd Amendment wasn’t a good enough reason to sue.

You can read the entire opinion here: Clifford Charles Tyler v Hillsdale County Sheriff’s Dept et al

Hopefully, other Appellate courts will concur or the Supreme Court will set overarching precedent in this matter so that good, law abiding citizens like Montgomery and Tyler won’t get railroaded in the future by overzealous mouth breathing gun control fanatics.

If you think about it, sometimes people are blue and need some help.  Are the states of Michigan and New York trying to dissuade people from getting help?  In truth, these heavy handed measures by these two states will contribute to the problem of people seeking help if they fear a tyrannical state government will unleash their jackbooted shocktroopers to raid their homes and steal their property just because they have a touch of insomnia.

Once again, government proving that it doesn’t solve problems…it just IS the problem.


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