Animal Kingdom Strikes Down Drones for Privacy (Video)

As police and government authorities are ramping up  their privacy invading abilities by using drones to conduct warrantless searches in clear violation of the 4th Amendment, or to just flat out SPY on people for no better reason to do so than they can, the spectre of Orwell’s “1984” looms ever larger.

Of course, society is partly to blame, not only in the allowing of the death of privacy but also in its facilitation.  How many millions of people willingly divulge the intimacies of their lives on facebook, twitter, intstagram and the like?

The idea of personal privacy as an inherent right and something to be valued is being eroded and is being equated to having “something to hide” or “untrustworthy” or that somehow not wanting your life readily available for public consumption makes you some kind of anachronism.

Well, there’s at least one critter out there who isn’t taking too kindly to that.

Though this happened down under and our protagonist is an Australian, I still think he struck out with the universal freedom that resonates within America’s soul.

We don’t like, nor should we accept a spy drone hovering over us, recording our daily lives for no other purpose than the perverse amusement and whim of the government.  We have begun to be conditioned that ubiquitous cameras and willing submission to blanket authority is proper.

It’s not.

Freedom of Privacy isn’t expressly spelled out in the Bill of Rights because it is present in nearly EVERY Amendment within it.

Freedom of Religion so that you need not tell the government how you worship.  Freedom to keep and bear arms so that you can maintain your privacy.  Freedom not to house soldiers so that you may keep your home private.  Freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures.  Freedom to keep your own mind private. And so on.

A right to Privacy is just as American as anything else found in the Bill of Rights.  Unfortunately, if you don’t spell things out in simple enough ways (sometimes even if you do) politicians can’t digest it and you get one step closer to tyranny.

Well, the kangaroo says NO.  Maybe it’s time we take a lesson from its book and do the same.  If not going all Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon on the next spy drone you see, at least remember that it is NOT ok.

Since we are in America, I would be remiss if I didn’t bring up this hawk in Massachusetts who didn’t care for a drone that was encroaching on it.

Proof that there are at least SOME in Massachusetts that still have the American spirit.

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