Another Bloomberg Gun Control Lackey Faces Jail Time

It seems that Michael Bloomberg should have focused more on the illegal politicians he has supported over the years rather than the “illegal” guns he purports to be against.  Following a long line of criminals who have been allies of Michael Bloomberg, the Attorney General of Pennsylvania, Kathleen Kane, may soon find her name along these other “distinguished” politicians who are ardent supporters of Michael Bloomberg and vice versa.


Full disclosure: Kathleen Kane has been on my crap list since day one.  I knew that she was getting her marching orders from Michael Bloomberg and she has exercised her authority as AG to make it ever more difficult for gun owners in Pennsylvania.  She started out by trashing reciprocity agreements with other states.  She also refuses to work on any new agreements so the ability of Pennsylvanians to travel with their 2nd Amendment rights intact is being curtailed by her directly.

Furthermore, she refuses to do her job and will not defend the state against the recent lawsuit filed by gun control fanatics looking to overturn the new law protecting innocent citizens from malicious prosecution.

So yes, up until now Kathleen Kane has been a mouth breathing ideologue, goose-stepping over the rights of Pennsylvanians in Herr Bloomberg’s name, but now it is revealed that some of her actions are actually criminal.  A conviction would not only see her behind bars where she belongs but would also remove her from office; a boon to the people of the Commonwealth.

The crime?  A grand jury has found that Kathleen Kane violated grand-jury secrecy rules by leaking investigative material in a bid to embarrass political enemies.  In other words, this petty and vindictive harpy broke the law in order to embarrass her enemies.

Looking over her brief tenure as AG since winning in 2012, it is not hard to believe that Kane is guilty.  On top of the aforementioned disdain she has for actually doing her job, it has been shown that Kane flippantly abuses her office in order to protect her allies and attack her enemies.

One need look no further than last year when it was revealed that she had secretly shut down an undercover “sting” investigation that had caught elected officials from Philadelphia on tape accepting cash.  It was fine if they were finding Republicans on the take but when it was shown that Democrats were taking bribes, Kane swooped in and shut it down.

Fortunately, Philly DA Seth Williams does not take his marching orders from Kane or Bloomberg and has charged a former Traffic Court judge and two state legislators with bribery.

Then there was the time that Kane cut a plea bargain with former Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission executives indicted under her predecessor. They received no jail time for their misdeeds.

So yeah, after abusing her office to help her friends it doesn’t take that great a leap to believe that Kane would be petty enough to break the law in order to embarrass her enemies.

Upon her conviction Kathleen Kane would, by state law, be stripped of her office even if no jail time is given.  That’s good news I suppose.  Unfortunately, the new Governor, gun hating Tom Wolfe would then pick her successor.

On the bright side, other than replacing her with Michael Bloomberg, it can’t get any worse.  I mean, Kane has made it her mission to undercut the 2nd Amendment in Pennsylvania…anyone less strident than that would be an improvement.  Maybe we’ll even get lucky and he’ll pick someone who will actually do THEIR JOB while beholden to the people of Pennsylvania and not a billionaire from New York.

Suffice it to say, any day when one of Bloomberg’s Cabal of Criminals is facing jail time and losing their jobs is a win for America.


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