Cop Tries To Murder Dog, Misses and Kills Woman Instead

It is long past time that we stop giving cops the green light to murder domestic animals without any repercussions.  It was only a matter of time before someone else got hurt because of a cop with cynophobia.

Before, it was only the innocent animals that were being gunned down like this innocent PUPPY walking away from couple of cops and was shot because of some sick twisted jollies that the officer was getting from killing little animals: Warning Disturbing Video Out of Control Police Execute Innocent PUPPY That Was Walking Away From Them

Or when this jackbooted thug shot OVER a locked fence to kill a dog while the dog was in its own yard: Thug with badge kills another unarmed member of an innocent family

Can we really be shocked when a cop with an itchy trigger finger and dog murder on his mind misses the animal and kills a woman?

That’s exactly what happened in Burlington, Iowa last week.

According to reports, 34-year-old Autumn Steele was arrested Monday night for domestic abuse. After being released from jail, Steele was told she could not return to her home without an officer to escort her. When she returned to her home to retrieve her things, she reportedly got into a dispute with her husband Gabriel as he was loading their four-year-old son into the car.

The officer who escorted Steele to her home reportedly tried to break up the altercation, and while he was attempting to intervene, the family’s dog reportedly approached. The officer allegedly felt threatened by the dog and pulled out his gun to shoot it. As he fired shots at the dog, one of them reportedly hit the 34-year-old mother in the chest.

“The dog startled the officer. The officer began shooting at the dog. The officer was still shooting when he fell down in the snow,” an eyewitness told The Hawk Eye.

Once again a cop with too much murder in his heart and not enough brains in his head gets “startled” by a dog and his first reaction is to empty his magazine at it, even after being a bumbling idiot and slipping on the snow he conintues to fire while he’s going down.

It’s a miracle that the 4 year old child (or anyone else) wasn’t murdered by this incompetent cop.

His defense will be that he was threatened by the dog and that is why he was justified in spraying gunfire wildly.

Was this dog a dire wolf from Game of Thrones?  Was it so unsettling that the mere sight of it startled this officer to the point that an innocent bystander had to die in order for this cop to protect himself from Fenrir incarnate?

Maybe if police were held to the same standard of discharging their firearm as regular citizens less of these tragedies would happen.

Think about it.  If YOU were startled by a dog, unloaded your magazine wildly with reckless abandon and an innocent bystander was killed by you, what do you think would happen?

Even in more gun friendly states you are going to JAIL.

Apparently, “being startled”, shooting at a dog while falling down, and killing a woman are all acceptable defenses when you wear a badge.

It’s officer’s like this one who erode the “benefit of the doubt” that police have long been given.

Cops should be held to the same standard that regular citizens are when discharging a firearm.  Regular folk don’t get qualified immunity and it is long past time that cops weren’t able to violate the law and hide behind that sham shield.

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