Indiana Takes First Step To Become Constitutional Carry State

Constitutional Carry is the precedent currently set in 5 states which dictates that a law abiding citizen needs no permission or permit from the government to exercise their God given right to keep and bear arms.

Alaska, Wyoming, Vermont, Arizona and Arkansas may have a new state joining their ranks if State Rep. Jim Lucas of Indiana has anything to say about it.

Lucas has introduced House Bill 1144 which would strike down the permitting scheme currently in place and would repeal whole chunks of the nearly 30 pages of laws dealing with carrying firearms.

Most important among them is the “poll tax” that requires law abiding citizens to pay for the ability to exercise their rights.  Colloquially known as purchasing a carry permit.

If this bill passes it will take effect on July 1, 2015.

Lucas puts it rather succinctly as to whom this bill is directed at:

“This is geared toward the innocent person. I want to remove one more obstacle in their path where they can defend themselves.”

For some reason, due process or the notion of being innocent until proven guilty is tossed out when dealing with citizens looking to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.  Indiana is looking to take a step to rectify that injustice.

Though I’ve no doubt it will be a tough road to toe.  The reason “why” extends beyond simply having gun control zealots lose their minds over this.  It also comes down to dollars and cents.  You see, Indiana has the 2nd highest ratio of Firearm Carry Permit Holders in the nation behind only South Dakota.  Nearly 600,000 of the 6.5 million hoosiers have a permit.  That equates to about $4.4 MILLION a year in losses to the state coffers.  We know how much politicians hate losing the opportunity to spend OUR money so this bill may get attacked on two fronts.

But if the bill gets through the overwhelming Republican controlled state house and senate, I have a good feeling that Republican governor Mike Pence will sign it into law.  He has a track record of signing pro gun-right bills into law such as signing the law that decriminalizes firearms in school parking lots.  A law that ensures law abiding parents don’t get railroaded when picking up their kids at school while armed with the ability to protect them when leaving.

With Indiana on board that will make Constitutional Carry a reality in 6 states.

That number is significant because that is the same amount of states that require registration of firearms.  But like two ships passing in the night Constitutional Carry states will increase in number with other states having pending legislation and registration states will either stay at 6 or begin to decrease as court cases continue to ebb in the favor of the 2nd Amendment.


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