Republican Gov Snyder Turns His Back On The 2nd Amendment

Republican Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan vetoed 2 bills recently that would have helped law abiding citizens be able to protect themselves without having to kow tow to yet another layer of governmental bureaucracy.

As it stands now applicants for weapons permits must go through a review board process which can easily be stacked with agenda driven gun controllers who can simply say “NO” to an applicant.

The two measures, Senate Bills 789 and 790, would have mandated an end to the review board process across the state. In their stead, county clerks would have assumed the task of issuing concealed carry permits as long as the applicant met all requirements and passes a background check from the State Police.

Basically what these bills would do is strip an unfair and arbitrary level of gun control from the process.  No longer could applicants be rejected or otherwise harrassed by the review board.  If they met the requirements and weren’t a criminal, law abiding citizens would be granted their permits.

For some reason, turncoat Rick Snyder doesn’t believe that the citizens of Michigan deserve that right.  No, he flippantly vetoes these two measures (which passed with overwhelming bipartisan support) and starts spouting off gun control rhetoric.

“While the bills include a number of reforms I support, they also include changes to he concealed pistol licensing requirements that may increase the risks of violence and intimidation faced by victims of domestic abuse who seek protection in court.”

What a crock.

Somehow the gun control lobby got its meat hooks into Gov Snyder and he is ready to throw all the gun owners of his state under the bus.

The bills in no way effect how restraining orders and the like operate.  But if you want to bring domestic violence into it, a restraining order is a piece of paper, much like gun free zones it does nothing to actually stop someone who willfully disregards it.

Now, while the battered spouse is waiting to get approval from a bloated bureacracy in order to carry a firearm to defend themselves from a violent partner, that partner is simply going to ignore the laws to begin with, go over to their exes house and murder them.

In an odd twist i’m going to use Shannon Watts statements to prove my point, though I doubt she realized she was proving it when she was spouting off on her “victory.”

“A recent study of women killed by their intimate partners showed that one out of five women who had an active restraining order were killed within two days of receiving it.”

Criminals break laws and Gov. Snyder did nothing to prevent that.  The only thing he did, in his cowardice, was to ensure that it was that much tougher for law abiding individuals to defend themselves when malice seeks them out.

By Watt’s own study some women only have two days.  While they are being murdered while unarmed they can thank people like Shannon Watts and Rick Snyder for the bureaucracy that made it easier for her partner to kill her.  I hope Watts and Snyder are both proud.

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