Response To Michael Moore’s Mouth Drooling Idiocy (Video)

Michael Moore really doesn’t matter.  He’s a slovenly obese, anti gun, America hating, soldier bashing piece of filth whose been irrelevant for years.

The fact that I have to spend any time discussing him turns my stomach.

But I’m not about to give him a pass on bad mouthing snipers the entire US Military with his asinine comments that he is trying like hell to back away from.

In case you missed it, Moore, after seeing that American Sniper was going to pretty much put to shame any movie that Moore ever “created” in terms of people actually going to see it and that it was based on a true story rather than the set ups that Moore’s “documentaries” take decided to lash out.


Take a careful look at what he said.  Seems most people are focusing on him calling the brave soldier and marines, who go alone (or with a spotter) deep behind enemy lines in order to do their job and are the most sought after prize of our enemies, cowards.  He is.  Not like that self serving pompous ass ever did anything for anyone else, but I digress.

Beyond the initial outrage was the second part of his tweet in which he basically called the entire US Military a bunch of bloodthirsty invaders who are killing people indiscriminately and shooting them in the back and are cowards.

At this point I can’t even type straight because this bloated piece of filth turns my stomach so much I can’t relay in the written word my disgust.

So I made a video:

Moore is all ready trying to backtrack from his comments because he is realizing that, unlike him, most American’s don’t hate this country.  And THEY respect and appreciate the brave men and women who serve in the armed forces.

Michael Moore is just another Limousine Liberal who can’t help but have hate and hypocrisy in his heart.

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