Phoenix Patriot Foundation – Everything the Wounded Warrior Project Isn’t

As you may have recall I wrote an article at the end of last year exposing the Wounded Warrior Project for the minuscule amount of donations that actually go to programs meant to help veterans.  I also highlighted a number of veterans who felt like props and fundraising tools rather than actually getting help.

Plus there’s the fact that the Wounded Warrior Project is against the 2nd Amendment.

You can read all about it here: Stop Donating to the Wounded Warrior Project – They’re a Fraud

Among the hundreds of comments from other veterans who agreed with the article and shared their own stories of being pawns in the WWP’s end game of making money, a number of people asked “what is an alternative organization I can give to in order to help vets?”

A reader emailed me directly and told me to look into the Phoenix Patriot Foundation.   I looked into it and I REALLY liked what I found.  And Phoenix isn’t in reference to the city (they’re based out of San Diego) but rather the legendary bird that rises from the ashes to live again.  Ex Cinere Surgemus – Out of Ashes We will Rise.  Poetically accurate.

First off, this is an organization for vets run by vets.  That in itself lends a certain amount of understanding and intimate knowledge of what the people they are helping are going through.

The creator of the Phoenix Patriot Foundation is Jared Ogden, graduate of the US Naval Academy and SEAL officer.

During his second deployment to Afghanistan as a SEAL Officer, Jared’s teammate and friend was severely injured by an IED resulting in the amputation of both his legs and severe internal injuries. Returning from Afghanistan in the spring of 2010, Jared founded the Phoenix Patriot Foundation to give back to patriots who have been injured in combat and help them continue their service through non-military capacities reintegrating to civilian life.

Nearly every person associated with the foundation is a veteran with multiple deployments into hostile countries.  I’m not saying that a civilian is unable to help veterans, but they will not have the same relatable experiences and know the challenges first hand as someone who has felt the heat.

For instance, one of the first initiatives that the PPF does is set up unit reunions for wounded vets.

Upon injury, the wounded veteran heads straight to a military facility to begin treatment and rehabilitation and may stay there for months to years. The remaining unit is still in combat overseas, and upon the end of their deployment, they return straight back to their duty station. These reunions will bring the wounded and their units together again, and will be customized to the interests of the injured patriot. In addition to promoting psychological and emotional well-being, these programs will also reinforce community, facilitate recovery, and welcome reintegration.

If you were never in the military then you wouldn’t know how such a simple thing as seeing your unit again could bring such immense benefits.   A wounded veteran is ripped from his unit, men and women he has fought beside and faced death with, for years in some cases.  To be pulled away from them and to be isolated in that way has a psychological toll.  To see them again is a balm that can soothe the wounds that cannot be seen.

Of course…there’s also jet skiing! (Jared Ogden is the guy with the beard)

Be it helping vets reacclimate to civilian life, helping in their recovery, covering their moving expenses, bridging financial gaps, helping them find work or whatever they may need, the Phoenix Patriot Foundation is there.  Unlike examples of the Wounded Warrior Project with their fly by model of helping then leaving, the PPF tailors what they do for every individual vets needs and to accomplish the vets short term and long term goals.

Now you may be thinking, “the ADMINISTRATIVE costs must be ASTRONOMICAL and a large chunk of my donation must go to cover that.”


That’s 8 thousand.

The nearly $200,000 that was donated to the Phoenix Patriot Foundation in 2013, $8,000 went to cover the administrative costs.  That means 96 PERCENT of every dollar you give to the Phoenix Patriot Foundation will go directly to help wounded veterans.

You see, unlike money makers like the Wounded Warrior Project who pay their CEO and Board members collectively MILLIONS of dollars, the people who do the work for PPF basically volunteer their time.  That’s THEIR donation.  In stark contrast to the WWP, no one is getting rich by exploiting veterans at the Phoenix Patriot Foundation.

For veterans BY veterans.

Plus Gary Sinise likes them and I am a fan of his service to the troops.  The PPF is helping in a project led by the Gary Sinise Foundation in order to give Sgt. Franz Walkup a new home after Walkup was shot 5 times by Afghan Army troops after they turned on US Forces.

And considering that the PPF was created by veterans and run by veterans they have a belief in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights (unlike the aforementioned Wounded Warrior Project).

I’m not saying that lightly.  Dana Loesch does not play around with people who have disdain in their hearts for her right to keep and bear arms

ogden loesch


And lets not overlook Bulletsfirst favorite, Olympic Shooter Amanda Furrer and Ultimate Survival Alaska Alum Grady Powell

powell furrer ogden


Then of course there is Sarah Palin…I think I read somewhere that she was pro gun :o)

ogden palin


I guess the fact that these pictures were taken at SHOT in Las Vegas might be telling as to where Jared stands on the 2nd Amendment.

So yeah.

With administrative costs basically fixed at around $8000 since nearly everyone is donating their time and energy for the cause, the more money donated to the Phoenix Patriot Foundation means the higher the percentage with go to help vets directly.  It’s at 96% now.  96 cents of every dollar you donate will go to help vets…really help them.

The PPF loves the 2nd Amendment.  Being made up mostly of veterans, the PPF has a special understanding of the rights and liberties that we have here.  They did fight and bleed and knew others who died to ensure those rights after all.

I’m more than confident in saying that the Phoenix Patriot Foundation gets the Bullets First seal of approval as being a charity worth giving to.  You help the veterans who need it, with nearly all the money you donate going to that end and the PPF won’t stab you in the back with some anti gun agenda.

It’s everything the Wounded Warrior Project isn’t.

Can’t ask much more than that.

Here’s some veterans talking about the help that PPF gave them at a charity golf fundraiser that the PPF partnered with in order to raise more funds to help vets.

If the spirit moves you and you are looking to donate to a charity focused on helping veterans I urge you take a look at the Phoenix Patriot Foundation.  I don’t think you’ll be sorry that you did.

If anyone else has a charity that they think is worthwhile and deserves some coverage, let me know and I’ll look into it.


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