New Documentary Exposes Dangers of Gun-Free Zones

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Katie elaborated how this conference attracts many people from different sectors, including those in self-defense, military, and small business. She emphasized how entrepreneurial and pro-small business SHOT Show is.

She added, “It’s (SHOT Show) not a fringe thing, it’s a mainstream American thing. And it’s really important to the future of America for this to continue. All of the people here are dedicated to the cause.”

Katie also discussed the new Outdoor Channel documentary Safe Haven she collaborated on and its message that gun-free zones leave people vulnerable to attack.

Safe Haven is a documentary that I’ve done with the Outdoor Channel. We take a critical look at gun-free zones.” She added, “We’ve seen over the past couple decades that gun-free zones aren’t the solution to school shootings…Gun-free zones aren’t gun free.”

She stressed the importance of reaching out to undecided people in the middle who may be swayed by the anti-gun crowd. “We have to reach out to the middle…” She added, “I think we have a pretty good shot at bringing more of those people into the shooting industry…I’m really looking forward to people to see it.”

With respect to Millennials she said, “Young people have a pretty favorable view towards the firearms industry overall.”

“Young women, millennial women 18-32, are the fastest growing demographic of people getting involved in the firearms industry.”

She noted that young people are drawn to the firearms industry because it emboldens individualism.

“The firearms industry has so many things to offer…It’s very versatile and you can really individualize how you approach the industry,” she said.

“If you have someone who’s skeptical, take them to the range with you…You can convert one person at a time.”


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