Empowered by the SAFE ACT, New York Gestapo At It Again

Once again, New York’s version of the Gestapo, drunk on their own power, has unconstitutionally seized the property of a law abiding citizen while filing no charges.

Marc Weinstein is getting a modern day glimpse of what life was like in 1930’s Germany.  On February 25th 2014, the retired firefighter  got into an argument with his adult son.  Though tempers settled quickly, the police were contacted and arrived to a quiet and peaceful home.

For some reason, though no one claimed a weapon was brandished, the police who responded to the call asked to not only see Weinstein’s weapons permit (show me your papers) but also demanded that he give them all of his REGISTERED firearms and ammunition.

Once again proving that registration is just a con that gun control fanatics like Andrew Cuomo use in order to be able to seize firearms from law abiding citizens.

Weinstein rightly refused to willingly participate in the unlawful seizure of his own property.  The police officers then left.

Three hours later the shock troopers arrived.  5 armed officers bullied their way into the house and WITHOUT A WARRANT told Weinstein to turn over all his registered firearms and ammunition or they would arrest him.

Facing the end of a barrel from a power tripping shock trooper who has a corrupt law on his side and is willing to murder you over it, is not an easy position to be in.

Weinstein, under duress, reluctantly handed over his firearm collection that is valued at over $100,000.

No charges have EVER been filed against Marc Weinstein.  The Gestapo wing of Andrew Cuomo’s regime just decided to ignore not only the 2nd Amendment but also the 4th and 5th Amendments when they unlawfully took Weinstein’s property without a warrant.

In the year since the incident, the police have still refused to return Weinstein’s property back to him.

This is where things bottom out into police corruption and racketeering.

According to Nassau County Police Protocol:

The policy of the Nassau County Police Department to confiscate all firearms with regard to any domestic disturbance call, whether such call is valid or not … and once confiscated to prevent the return of such firearms on any pretense that can be imagined, and either destroying said firearms or converting them to the Department’s use without compensation to the owner.

So basically, the police will come to your house, with no need for a warrant or probable cause, even if you are completely innocent of a crime and take your property.  To top it off, if they like your stuff THEY WILL USE IT THEMSELVES and claim it as their own.

Think about it, Nassau Police want to make it IMPOSSIBLE to get your property back because one “pretense that can be imagined” quite easily is “THE MAN AM INNOCENT.”  Can have a little thing like innocence getting in the way of gun confiscations and civil rights abuses.

The amount of constitutional fubar that is going on in New York boggles the mind.

But this is what you get when you have a governor who pushes a ludicrously named bill called the SAFE Act down the peoples throats, infringing the 2nd Amendment to the point where the state of New York would have you believe it is a privilege to own a gun, a privilege that the state bestows and not a God given right protected by the Constitution.

Fortunately, retired New York Bravest Marc Weinstein is not taking this lying down.  He has filed a lawsuit in order to force the return of his property along with a little something for the effort.

The suit names the acting commissioner, chief, several police officers, and the County of Nassau as defendants. It alleges violations of Weinstein’s First, Second, Fourth, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights, seeks the return of $100,000 worth of firearms, punitive damages of $1 million, and an additional $1 million for emotional distress damages.

Though I question what kind of fair trial he might get in New North Korea…I mean New York…I have to have faith that if necessary he can go to a high enough court that still believes in things like liberty and the Constitution.

Because until the Supreme Court gets involved in this, those who run the EMPIRE state will still view themselves as dictators and will continue to trample on the rights of the citizens utilizing the goosestepping, constitution shredding militarized police force that will  “just follow orders.”

I mean, this is a state that seized a retired man’s firearm collection because he had insomnia after he moved across the state.

Cuomo has issued the marching orders: “Take ALL the guns.”  And his militarized police force has responded.

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