PA Town Posts “NOT A Gun Free Zone” Signs at Town Limits

I love Pennsylvania.

One of the many reasons I do is because of places like Conoy Township and the smart, reason minded people who live there.

As you enter into the small township at the westernmost area of Lancaster County you are greeted with a “Welcome to Conoy Twp” sign.  These signs are ubiquitous to nearly every population center you come across so I’ve no doubt that you’ve seen them before.

What you may not have seen is what comes AFTER the first like.


No THAT is a sign.

Unlike those criminal empowerment zone signs that radical organizations like Moms Demand Action and Everytown for gun safety that want to ensure that criminals have free reign to rape murder to their hearts content, the good people of Conoy want to set the record straight.

If you are a criminal it is best to keep moving on because the people of Conoy are NOT victims.

With the final 3 signs slated to go up, this welcome sign will be on every road leading into town so if there is some ne’er do well looking to start trouble they best keep moving East…I mean…they’ll hit New Jersey in about 100 miles and they LOVE helping criminals victimize people there.

But as for Conoy?

Criminals are mostly cowards.  They seek the path of least resistance.  A mugger lets Rampage Jackson walk on by in order to target the 18 year old girl whose 100lbs soaking wet.

They give the middle aged man with the military haircut and eyes that have seen some shit a wide berth and instead focus on the elderly grandma.

They avoid places like Conoy at ALL costs and hit up places that have THESE signs:


So a hat tip to the good people of Conoy who are doing more to protect their town than a million gun free zone signs plastered everywhere.

I hope it is a practice that begins to spread, not just within Pennsylvania but everywhere that would recognize the rights of the people to protect themselves from the wolves that walk upon two legs.

Bloomberg and his cronies might think it is more morally acceptable to be raped, robbed or beaten than it is to shoot that bullying, thieving rapist in the face…I, like the good people of Conoy do not.

And apparently it is not just limited to us Keystone Staters.  All ready a town in Idaho is going to discuss whether or not to put up similar signs during a legislative session in March.

Greenleaf, Idaho’s Mayor Brad Holton had this to say in response to Conoy’s actions:

“If you were a thief breaking into homes and businesses, would you choose a city that openly endorses the ownership and training of guns to protect persons and property?”

Exactly right.  Of course that kind of common sense and level headedness cannot be allowed to stand so bumbling gun control fanatic Shira Goodman from CeasefirePA had to respond with this:

“The intent seems to be to scare those who might consider criminal activity. The likely effect will be to embolden a shoot first, Wild West mentality.”

Once again a gun hating, control zealot gets their argument from what they see on TV.  Why would any criminal choose to shoot it out with a town full of armed citizens when they could just go to a place where they can victimize the defenseless?

Goodman is simply trying to defend her position by the constant fear mongering that lacks all credibility found commonly among the zealots of gun controls radical vanguard idiotocracy.

It’d almost be funny if it weren’t so sad and pathetic.

Anyways, for the towns and cities that would keep themselves safe, keep up the good work.


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