A Tale of Two Pizza Delivery Girls: One had a gun, the other was raped

For those of you who may have forgotten I recently covered a story concerning a female pizza delivery driver from Papa John’s who fought off two would be thieves/rapists by SHOOTING one of them in the face.

Papa John’s responded by retracting their official stance of firing this woman but rather giving her a store job.

(The above model is a representation of pizza delivery girls and not either of the women in this article)

Note: Papa John’s still has a rule disarming their drivers and leaving them to the “mercy” of predators.

Dominio’s Pizza ALSO has a corporate policy against their delivery personnel from carrying firearms for their own protection.

Regrettably for one female driver in Antioch, CA who chose to follow Domino’s rules, she found herself kidnapped and raped for two hours.

Let me just state, this wasn’t some middle of the night ambush using the cover of darkness, the 22 year old girl was taken at 11:20AM when a 17 year old scumbag forced her back into her car and made her drive off to a secluded area where he raped her.

Fortunately for her he let her live and she would later identify him as the person who kidnapped and raped her.

Unfortunately, since she had the bad luck of working for a company that doesn’t care about her safety and she followed the rules she was a prime target for a sexual predator.

I don’t want to speak for the Domino’s driver but I find it hard to believe that she would prefer to be raped than to follow in the footsteps of the Papa John’s driver and shoot her attacker in the face.

But until companies like Papa John’s and Domino’s change their corporate policy and allow their employees to go out with some semblance of safety without having to break the rules, there will be more outcomes like the Domino’s driver than that of the Papa John’s driver.

It’s a shame that so many companies follow Moms Demand Action logic and leave women more at risk of being raped, kidnapped and murdered.

As for me?  I’m in the “Shoot rapists in the face” camp.


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