Sensible Lawmaker Moves To Protect Gun Owners From Witch Trial Justice

During a dark time in this lands history (1692-1693) all someone had to do in order to get someone else burned at the stake, drowned or crushed to death was point at them and yell “WITCH!!”

It’s shameful that after more than 3 centuries California lawmakers have brought back the practice of being judged guilty without due process.

I’m speaking of AB 1040 which passed the state legislature last year which allows someone to point at a gun owner and yell DANGER and that gun owner will have their property stolen by the state.

Evidence?  Proof?  No no no…we have someone hysterically yelling and pointing a finger; so in California we don’t need pesky little nuisances like due process and presumption of innocence getting in the way.

As it stands now, any gun hating radical or gun control zealot can go to a cop and declare that a gun owner is dangerous and petition for a gun violence restraining order.  While this horrible law was initially pitched as a way for family members to rat out their kin in order to protect themselves from harm, the law doesn’t actually state that you even have to know the gun owner well.

If you know that a person is a gun owner you can claim they are dangerous and petition ex parte for a gun violence restraining order.  The police then seize their property for 3 weeks before a trial can be held to determine whether that gun owner should be denied their rights for a renewable one year period.

Remember, this IS California after all.  Getting a gun hating activist judge that thinks all gun owners are dangerous is a real possibility, so once you are in the system there is a very good chance your 2nd Amendment rights get burned at the stake.

While the current language offers a penalty for falsely filing a complaint with the intent to harass it is only a misdemeanor.  In other words a glorified parking ticket for being complicit in the extortion of a person’s liberty.

Fortunately, Assemblymember Melissa Melendez, R-Lake Elsinore, thinks the penalty for bearing false witness should have a little more bite.

“Law abiding gun owners should never have to fear their rights can be stripped away because an angry ex or neighbor wants to get even”

Melendez submitted AB 225 on February 3rd.  The bill would make filing a request for a gun violence restraining order to using knowingly false information felony perjury under state law, which would mandate a punishment of up to four years in prison.

Now, bitter gun haters, neighbors looking to get even, miserable wretches that have nothing better to do might take the risk of spreading their poisonous hate and falsely accuse people if the worst they are facing is a slap on the wrist and a fine…BUT 4 years in PRISON?

That deterrent might actually make people think twice before committing perjury.

Hopefully it can stop the witch hunt before we see innocent people burned at the figurative stake because of a witch trial that should never have taken place to begin with.

We’ll see if there are any more California legislatures who actually care about justice on March 6th when AB 225 is scheduled to be heard in committee.



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