An Adorable Story on Valentines Day with a Lion a Tiger and a Bear…oh my!

I’m not a fan of Valentines Day.  It is truly the quintessential Hallmark Holiday and the notion that a guy should treat his girlfriend/wife better on this day than the other 364 days of the year is insulting.

If you aren’t treating your significant other like she’s the most special creature on the planet but for once a year, you are failing.

Valentines day is the one day I take off from romance because its not special if you are obligated to do it.  It would be like saying you are volunteering for something that is all ready mandatory.

With that being said, I felt like I would nonetheless share a story of loving friendship between three unique individuals.  A friendship that was forged in hardship yet has withstood the test of time and animal instinct.

I’m referring to these adorable characters:



Leo the Lion, Baloo the Bear and Shere Khan the Tiger were all rescued back in 2001 from a drug dealer who had acquired each of the animals as a status symbol.  Suffice it to say that drug dealer was not the best animal keeper and the trio were in pretty rough shape when they arrived at the Noah’s Ark sanctuary in Locust Grove, GA.

While the handlers at the sanctuary had initially thought to separate the three bachelors the trio had such a bond that the unlikely grouping was allowed to remain intact.

Just to avoid the argument that might be made by some that these are just photoshopped pictures, here is a video documenting these three friends hanging out at their bungalow:

Once again, not a fan of the Hallmark Horror Show that has become Valentines day but that doesn’t mean I’m hard hearted and that I am not moved by this tale of friendship.

Just check em out hanging out poolside

blt poolside


Or having secret meetings

Lion-Tiger-Bear Secret meeting

Now, you may think I’m going to wrap this up with some analogy that people come from all different walks of life yet that doesn’t mean we can’t find friendship and common ground together.

Yeah…you can make your own conclusions about that, I just think that a bear, a lion and a tiger living in harmony is a cool and adorable story and warms my heart a little on Valentines day.  I hope it did the same for you.


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