Audio: Bloomberg’s Racist Gun Control Rant

It doesn’t take much scratching of the surface to get to the racist gooey center in many liberals.  The narrative for so long that America seems to have bought into is that the liberals are the ones who care for minorities while conservatives only care for white people.

In truth, liberals love black people right where they are.  Bamboozle blacks and other minorities into thinking that they NEED the government, that they won’t be able to get a fair shake on their own, that the world is against them and they can only survive by suckling on the teet of government.

But really, all that hoodwinking is a ploy to maintain a voting block that has kept the liberal wing of the Democratic party, and by extension the party itself, in existence.  Once blacks and other minorities realize that all the “help” that the government offers them is just another kind of chain they may not take too kindly to it.

And what safeguards do racist liberal masters take to ensure their own safety should the chains break? They keep them those they fear unarmed.

From the civil war on, the basis for gun control has been racist in nature, it is the last vestige of Jim Crow laws still on the books.  Between the “poll” taxes you have to pay in order to carry a gun in many states, to the very nature of being denied the right to keep and bear arms simply based off the color of you skin in places like New York and other “may issue” states.

It should come as no surprise that the Grand Dragon of Gun Control has come out and vocalized his views that blacks, innocent non-criminal citizens who happen to be black, shouldn’t be allowed to have the right to keep and bear arms.

I would like to highlight a few of Bloomberg’s quotes from his Aspen Colorado speaking engagement.  Around the 30 second mark he goes into the fact that universally, black people commit crimes and murder people:

“95% of you murders murderers and murder victims fit 1 MO.  You can just pick the description, xerox it and pass it out to all the cops.  They are all minorities 15-25. That’s true in New York, that’s true in virtually EVERY CITY.”

“they don’t have any long term focus.  It’s a joke to them, it’s a joke to pull the trigger.”

“Nobody in New York gets murdered unless…if you get murdered [in New York City] the first thing we want to do is what were you selling or who is your family member because it just means you HAVE to be a drug dealer.  There’s no other kind of murder.

“Send cops where the crime is, in the minority neighborhoods.”

Then he goes on to defend Stop and Frisk targeting minorities.  He seemed pretty pleased with himself.

One has to wonder why then, Bloomberg went out of his way to try and silence any evidence of this Q&A when he pressured the organizers to kill the release of the video of this exchange.

From The Aspen Times:

Michael Bloomberg representatives have asked the Aspen Institute not to distribute footage of his recent appearance in Aspen, where the three-term New York City mayor made pointed comments concerning minorities and gun control.

Both the Institute and GrassRoots TV, the organization that filmed the event, confirmed Thursday that they will not broadcast the footage online or on television as planned.

“We basically honor the wishes of our speakers, and Mayor Bloomberg preferred that we not use the video for broadcast,” the Institute’s chief external affairs officer Jim Spiegelman wrote in an email Friday. “He did not give a reason nor did we have any reason to ask for one. We often feature speakers who prefer that their presentations not be videotaped.”

I think it finally dawned on Bloomberg that once he left the echo chamber of like minded liberal racists, his words under the naked light of day would reveal him as the bigoted racist that he is in his heart.

It almost worked.  Fortunately there were some intrepid people who would not allow Bloomberg’s bigoted words go silent so we have the audio at least.  True, a video of Bloomberg’s racist rant would be more damning, but the audio robs him of the defense that he was being taken out of context and people were misinterpreting what he was saying.

It was very clear what he was saying when he was asked about EDUCATION: yeah, Bloomberg is so conditioned in his hate that even a question about how to engage people disenfranchised with education gets turned into a gun seizing, racist tirade.

No doubt Bloomberg’s lapdogs and water carriers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will continue to support him but I hope that this is a wake up call to not only blacks but all minorities; it’s time to see what those like Bloomberg REALLY offer you and what they REALLY think of you in the bargain.

Why do I bring up the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson?  Because if it were a Republican or a Conservative who was caught on tape saying the EXACT same things as Bloomberg, the two aforementioned “leaders” would be frothing at the mouth with boycotts, marches and demands.

But since it’s there buddy Bloomberg, no doubt they will remain silent.

It’s up to you America.  Are we free?  Or do we abide by the tyranny of racist men who would be king?

Bloomberg did hint last May on Meet the Press that he wanted to run for President in 2016.  Let us try to keep him and his racist love of gun control out of the White House.

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