The Constitutional Carry Tide Keeps Rolling

Despite one of the most anti gun Presidents in our history at the helm, more and more states are poised to do away with the permit system for its citizens to carry firearms.  Currently 10% of states have laws enacting Constitutional Carry; the carrying of firearms without first coming to the government, hat in hand to ASK if its ok.

That number could more than double by the end of the year with states currently debating and others on the precipice of introducing legislation constitutional carry laws.

From Godfather Politics:

Just when Barack Obama and his liberal tyrant friends have been pushing so hard to enact stricter anti-gun and Second Amendment defying laws, some states are looking to pass laws that would not require a special permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Currently, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Vermont and Wyoming do not require any special permit to carry a concealed weapon. At one time, Alaska, Arizona and Wyoming did require a state issued permit for concealed carry, but more recently laws did away with the permit requirements.

Now, state legislatures in Kansas, Mississippi, Montana and New Hampshire have introduced bills to eliminate their state’s special conceal carry permit and open it up to every citizen. Of course anti-constitutional tyrants are trying to defeat the measures, claiming that crime rates will sky rocket by allowing law abiding citizens to arm and protect themselves.

However, most of the statistics I’ve seen over the years indicates that the more law abiding citizens are armed the lower the crime rate. Just consider the states and cities with the strictest gun-control laws like New York, Chicago and Washington DC. They are among the nation’s leaders in violent crimes. When Australia outlawed most guns and forced their citizens to turn over their guns, crime rates skyrocketed because citizens no longer had any means of protecting themselves.

Another thing to consider is that all of these public shootings we constantly hear about in schools, theaters and other places, have taken place in gun-free zones. It’s rare to hear of a gunman knowingly targeting a well-armed facility. I say knowingly because I still chuckle about the time an armed gunman went into a bar to rob it and the bar was the local hangout for cops. Within a second of the robber brandishing his gun, there over a dozen guns pointing at the guy and it scared him so bad that he not only dropped his gun, but he wet his pants.

You don’t see Obama’s kids attending a school with signs that tell any whacko that it’s a gun-free zone, do you? The school his kids attend has at least 11 armed guards during school hours yet he campaigns to prevent the schools where your kids attend from having anyone armed on campus. This alone should clearly demonstrate how little Obama cares about you, your kids and their safety.

You can read the rest of the article at: More States Considering No Permit Required Conceal Carry Laws

On top of those states that were referenced by Godfather Politics, Idaho, West Virginia and South Dakota have also introduced Constitutional Carry legislation.

Of course this isn’t the death knell for the gun control zealots who would strip us of our rights.  This isn’t the final nail in their coffin of liberty denying hypocrisy.

But it is a start :o)

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