Gun Controllers Use Technology To Undermine the 2nd Amendment

In a case of irony (mired in gun controller hypocrisy) gun control zealots in California have abandoned their long help argument that guns have become more advanced than the Founding Fathers could have foreseen and therefore they must be outlawed.

The new argument, at least in California, is that firearms are NOT advanced enough and as such should be outlawed.

I’m speaking of course of the psuedo-science behind the notion of “microstamping.”  Mircrostamping is the idea that the firing pin of a gun can implant identification markers on the shell casings thus identifying the person who shot that round.

Before I get into the technical aspect of why this idea fails allow me to address the practical reasons such an idea fails.

If you have time to police your brass (ie premeditated shooting) then the technology does nothing.

If you use a revolver which keeps the brass in your possession while shooting, the technology does nothing.

If you replace or sand the firing pin, it is a simple 30 second end around to the microstamping, even if microstamping DID work.

Those are the practical reason that this foolish idea doesn’t work.  The technical reasons are just outlandish; the technology DOESN’T exist in order to make microstamping work.

Which would be all well and good except for the fact that California passed a law in 2007, signed by Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (proving all Republicans are no pro 2nd Amendment) and took effect in 2013, demands that new guns must have a technology that doesn’t exist.

Since the law took effect in 2013, no manufacturer has made a new firearm that complies with the requirement.Two major manufacturers, Smith & Wesson and Sturm, Ruger & Co., announced last year they would stop selling new firearms in the California market, and blamed the microstamping law.

Alan Gura, the lead attorney in Pena v. Lindley, filed on behalf of the Second Amendment Foundation and Calguns Foundation against the Chief of the California Department of Justice Bureau of Firearms had this to say:

This is about the state trying to eliminate the handgun market.  The evidence submitted by the manufacturers shows this is science fiction and there is not a practical way to implement the law.”

California Eastern District Judge Kimberly Mueller is considering Gura’s request for her to enjoin the state from imposing a ban on the sale of new handguns based on lack of compliance with the microstamping law while the case until the technological challenges are resolved.

Even the California Police Chiefs Association argued against the practicality of the law to Gov. Jerry Brown:

“Publicly available, peer-reviewed studies conducted by independent research organizations conclude that the technology does not function reliably and that criminals can remove the markings easily in mere seconds.

So even microstamping DID work as intended, it still only effects the law abiding as criminals will once again circumvent the law.  The real price will be paid by adding new red tape, new fees, and highers costs to those citizens who wish to purchase this, as of now, fictional gun.  Those weapons that are grandfathered in will become more and more expensive and law abiding citizens in poorer neighborhoods who are most in need of protection will be priced out of the market.

And there you have it.  Gun controllers might as well have passed a law demanding that guns shoot out pixie dust that soothes the mood and it would have as much basis in reality as microstamping.  This is just another example of gun controllers trying an end around of the 2nd Amendment under the guise of “public safety.”  It’s a bunch of bull.

Gura and the SAF are expecting a decision from Judge Mueller “any day” now.

But microstamping isn’t the only technological advance that has me concerned about infringements upon the peoples’ right to keep and bear arms.  Take a look at this new bit of gadgetry that may eventually trickle down and attack a persons right to defend themselves.

Interesting piece of tech, I’ll grant you that.  And if police departments want to jeopardize their officers by having them deduce whether they have 3 seconds or not to spare, more power to them.

What I fear is that some gun control politician is going to see this and think “hey, this is a great idea, we should make it mandatory that ALL gun owners have and use this for their first shot.”  Or someone will figure out how to add multiple rounds to the attachment and a requirement comes out saying you MUST use non lethal force.

They’ll crow about how it’s not an infringement against the 2nd Amendment because we are still allowed to keep, bear and use firearms…the fact that citizens guns will have been neutered while those people we are shooting at them will not be using the bumper lanes won’t even cross the controllers minds.

Like I said, this is just another technological tangent that may be used by the gun control zealots to chip away at our rights.  Take note and be on guard.  Gun controllers are trying to use technology to make firearm development into a bell curve.  If they have their way we will have the most technologically advanced single shot non lethal muskets in history.


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