2nd Amendment DIY Edition

Sorry faithful readers, due to my internet connection being suspect at best I have had limited opportunity to keep the site up to date this week.  

Hopefully by March 1st things will be right as rain and Bulletsfirst.net will continue to give you the latest and greatest in the fight for our rights with regards to the 2nd Amendment.

In the meantime, here is another example of why gun control will always fail; you cannot eliminate ingenuity and innovation.

Hence the do it yourself (DIY) brand of arms.

As we have seen with 3D printed guns, if there is a will, people will find a way.

And let’s not forget one of my personal favorites, the guy who created a working BLUNDERBUSS hand cannon from objects he found AFTER going through airport security:

Inventor Proves TSA and Gun Control a Fraud.  Builds Blunderbuss Shotgun In Airport AFTER Checkpoint.

Just a little taste of technology beating back the “logic” behind gun control.

The right to bears arms shall not be infringed…that not only means that the government shouldn’t be allowed to, but it can also mean that it literally shall not be infringed because there will always be some Ben Franklin MacGyver out there ready to innovate his way around the limitations liberty hating gun controllers would levy upon us.

To paraphrase Eleanor Roosevelt, we can only be infringed if we allow it to happen.

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