SHOCKER: Democrats in New York reject Ethics Reform Measures

So anyone who has read Bullets First with any regularity knows how I feel about the Empire State, it’s corrupt bottom feeding politicians and it’s rules for thee not for thee mentality of the intelligentsia therein.

It therefore comes as no surprise to me that the Democrats, the same ones who changed the rules and allowed the SAFE Act to be shoved through without public review LITERALLY in the middle of night has rejected a set of measures to limit the unethical, unlawful and unseemly actions by elected officials.

You know, the ones like Sheldon Silver who has been arrested for taking $4 MILLION in bribes.

From Mental Recession:

Republicans in the New York State Assembly presented 13 rule changes designed to improve transparency, ethics, and the rules of the chamber yesterday, and the Democrat opposition, long the main target of such reforms based on a vast history of corruption shot them down one by one.

Assemblyman Jim Tedisco said the rule reforms would “stop major legislation like pension reform, teacher evaluations, the SAFE Act and state budgets from being passed in the middle of the night away from public viewing.”

Via Capital New York:

The Democrat-controlled State Assembly on Monday voted down 13 rules changes introduced by Republicans.

The votes were mostly along party lines. Democratic Assemblyman Michael Kearns supported most of them and his colleague James Skoufis supported some, but other members of their conference were consistent in their opposition.

The proposals included measures such as the posting of committee votes online and term limits for legislative leaders.

McLaughlin took to Facebook and railed against his Democrat colleagues for voting against the reform measures:

If anyone out there needs to show their kids a lesson in what glaring hypocrisy looks like, please tune in to the Assembly live feed immediately.

The Assembly GOP put forth 13 rules changes that would improve transparency, ethics, and the rules of the chamber. The Democrats are in the process of voting down every single one of them. Remember that when they talk about ethics and honesty.

They seek to perpetuate a system that had turned NY into a swamp of corruption. If 8 years is good enough for a President it’s Damn sure more than enough for any “leader” of this Assembly.

To read the full article go to Democrats Reject Ethics Reform Measures

So the rats of Albany have decided to stay scurrying in the night so the “citizens” of the Empire (though in truth they are treated more like servants) can remain unaware of their midnight machinations.

What would you expect from the SAFE Act State?


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