Build a Rocket Stove On The Cheap

With all the politics, legislation and real tales of self defense that gets covered here on Bullets First sometimes I like to mix it up a bit when I find something interesting that is 2nd Amendment adjacent.

In this instance I am referring to the every-man’s rocket stove.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the term, the rocket stove is an efficient cooking stove using small diameter wood fuel which is burned in a simple high-temperature combustion chamber containing a vertical chimney and a secondary air supply, which ensures almost complete combustion prior to the flames reaching the cooking surface.

Here’s a design that gives you the gist of it:

roket stoveThat above design calls for a 55 gallon drum, and trust me there are others out there that seem more apropos to shuttle launches than grilling up some food; with a price tag to match.

Leave it to our friends at Survival Nation to point me to a simple rocket stove that costs all of $6.08 to build and can be completely assembled and disassembled in a matter of minutes.

Perfect for the weekend outing to the woods or the post apocalyptic freedom fighter living on the lamb from the liberal big brother dystopian “paradise” that treats people like cattle and ensures they have no rights.

See…I squeezed in some politics after all!

Anyways, take a look at the every-man’s rocket stove that is highly movable, affordable and if necessary, tactical.

With Spring now upon us and the summer coming up, grilling season is upon us and sometimes its just not sensible to be dragging a propane tank every where you go…but a few branches?  You can find that anywhere.  Just be sensible out in the woods and don’t make Smokey the Bear cry.

Happy Spring and many days of grilling.

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