Wheelchair Bound Man that Bloomberg Wants Disarmed Kills 2 Home Invaders

Remember, not so long ago when New York City’s racist former Mayor Michael Bloomberg went on and on about how black people commit so much crime that we need to instill more gun control in order to keep “them” under control?

If you’ve forgotten allow me to refresh your memory with these two links:

Racist Bloomberg and Crony Come Out and Say Guns Are Only For Whites

Audio: Bloomberg’s Racist Gun Control Rant

I bring Bloomberg’s past racism up now because if it was up to him, a black, 26 year old Tulsa resident would be dead, most likely along with his friend after a group of 3 men broke into his apartment.

From KOKI’s report:

Anita Penn says her son, who is in a wheelchair, had to shoot the men.

“He did the right thing, because he can’t fight. He can’t do anything, he’s in the chair, and the only thing he’s got to use is his hands.”

Police say there was obviously a struggle inside the apartment. Penn describes a bedroom door off its hinges, a toppled television, and holes from gunshots in the walls.

She says her son did the right thing. “I’m surprised my son made it out of there,” Penn said.

She says her son did the right thing. “I’m surprised my son made it out of there,” Penn said. “If he hadn’t had [the gun] my son probably wouldn’t be here.”

The third suspect, Tymalk Love, flew out a window is still at large.  His partners in crime, Kejuan Shields and Demario Harris died at the scene.

Here’s the rub of the matter. At least one of the intruder’s had a gun.  Since he was all ready violating the law by breaking into someones house I doubt Bloomberg’s racist gun control laws would deter that criminal from using a gun illegally.

What Bloomberg WOULD do however is deny the wheelchair bound resident from being able to defend himself and his friend.

Tragically, it is a a lesson the 26 year old unnamed resident had to learn 4 years ago in 2011 in an event that landed him in that chair.  Anita Penn recounted the story of how a group of home invaders broke into the apartment and shot her son 7 times while he was still in bed.

The family has decided to move out of the home immediately.

Once again, a real tale of self defense, by a guy in a WHEELCHAIR and the silence from the gun control crowd is deafening.


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