Appearance on NRA News Criticizing Everytown’s Misogynistic Campaign Against Young Women

I appeared on NRA News on Tuesday, March 24th, 2015, to discuss the problem with Everytown for Gun Safety’s latest misinformation campaign targeting young women who support gun rights and concealed carry.

Here’s more on the appearance from the NRA News:

Gabriella Hoffman has written about Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety, and its assertion that young women can’t handle firearms.

A series of tweets from the gun control group characterizes young women as drunk, irresponsible, and a danger to themselves. Hoffman describes the responsible behavior of young gun owners, and the effect of reduced crime from concealed carry on campus. Originally aired on NRA News Cam & Co 03/24/15.

(Below is Gabriella’s original article -Tony)

Everytown for Gun Safety,  a Michael Bloomberg-funded arm of the gun control lobby, issued a series of tweets last week suggesting college-aged women are too dumb to handle firearms.

Below are the two questionable tweets:

This is the usual banter that emanates from the Left –especially those entrenched in efforts to disarm Americans under the guise of “gun safety.”  Women aren’t capable of being independent and self-sufficient unless government has a say, they claim. Any woman who defies conventional wisdom and takes up gun ownership – let alone any woman who rejects nanny statism – apparently can’t be empowered unless she sips the female victimhood Kool-Aid.

The first tweet links to a Washington Post article authored by Anne Skomorowsky, who  is a psychiatrist at Columbia University Medical Center:

Just imagine that my daughter’s iPhone was a gun. One lies in the snow in a suburban forest. Maybe it will be found in the spring, by children playing in the woods, or other young adults running from the police. The other bounced down a staircase along with several intoxicated teenagers.  What could possibly go wrong?

One might argue that sensible people know the difference between weapons and phones, and would treat weapons more carefully. But the teenage brain — especially one after tequila shots — isn’t sensible.

The author suggests phones are the best method to curb sexual assault. Really? (This is just as ludicrous as suggesting the use of rape whistles, urination, or vomiting on oneself.) What if someone’s phone battery has died? Or what if someone has poor phone reception? It takes police officers an average of 10-12 minutes to respond to an emergency call. A lot can happen in that time frame. Why not have a concealed firearm on hand? I wrote about this topic in recently:

With proper training and certification, any permit holder is capable of defending lives when called upon to do so. (Keep in mind: Only those who possess handgun permits would be allowed to practice concealed carry on campus.) Permit holders, like gun owners, are responsible and diligent, so administrators and students should confide in them rather than admonish them. Moreover, allowing students to practice concealed carry on campus will make them less dependent on police given lengthy response times. Moments separate victims from life and death, so it’s better for those with handgun permits to prevent bad guys from harming others.

The second tweet suggests concealed carry will lead to more violence–an erroneous talking point that fuels the majority of disinformation surrounding firearm use. (Fun fact: schools boasting concealed carry reported fewer to no incidents on campus!) Much to the dismay of naysayers, however, a gun doesn’t have a mind of its own.  A gun is an inanimate object just like a car, a knife, and even a cell phone. Individuals who handle these inanimate objects, not the objects themselves, are responsible for their actions. And society could benefit from more good guys with guns than bad guys with guns!

If a gun can help someone fend off attack from an assailant or attacker, why deny them that right to self-defense? Why must people – especially young women in college – be mocked for wanting to protect themselves?

Everytown for Gun Safety, much like its sister organization Moms Demand Action, doesn’t care about “gun safety” or “women’s empowerment” at all. They are solely interested in disarming Americans and lining their pockets with cash at the behest of scaremongering.

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