Gun Free Zone Succeeds Again in Helping Criminal Murder Unarmed Victim

I wonder if it surprises anyone anymore, I mean really surprises them, when a shooting takes place in a gun free zone.  Because if it does they must either be completely delusional or haven’t been paying attention.


Such is the case in the recent tragedy that took place at Wayne Community College in Goldsboro, North Carolina.  No doubt the intelligentsia of this little Community College patted themselves on the backs and were toasted by their gun hating brethren in academia when they decided to deny the law abiding the right to defend themselves while on campus.

The gun haters can even try to persuade us of their being magnanimous because gun owners can keep a gun locked in their cars in the parking lot, but that does little good for anyone in a class or the bathroom who finds themselves staring down the barrel of a rifle by a criminal who doesn’t give a damn about following the rules.

Such is the sad circumstance that befell long time Wayne Community College employee Ron Lane who was shot and killed in a third floor bathroom of one of the colleges buildings.

The suspect, 20 year old Kenneth Stancil, a self professed “enforcer at White Power” had been fired by Mr. Lane sometime prior to the shooting.

By all accounts, during his 18 year employment at the College, Ron Lane was a guy who followed the rules.  As such, he was an easy target thanks to the WCC insistence that he and all other rule followers be sacrificial lambs to criminals so as not to hinder, in any way, their murderous inclinations or rampages.

Gun control and gun free zones do what they are designed to do, ensure that law abiding citizens are helpless before criminals who mean to do them harm.

Have no fear though, students and staff of WCC, College President Kay Albertson is going to put all errs to right…or not.

Albertson said the school plans to bring in teams of counselors for students and faculty who need to talk about what happened.

I wonder how quickly the students and staff who want to end the senseless gun free zone policies of WCC will be demonized and shouted down, expelled or fired.

All the while the suspect, Kenneth Stancil remains at large.  Here’s a photo of Stancil.


Once again, the policy of Wayne Community College and most Universities in America is to ensure that law abiding citizens are left helpless before the evil of people like this.

But this isn’t a surprise to gun controllers…they understand it all too well and that is what makes them no better than the criminals who pull the trigger.

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