GoFundMe: Unless you support God, Guns or Cops

With the internet reaching new and innovative ways to impact peoples lives a relatively recent phenomenon has begun called crowd sourcing.  Basically the idea that if you have an idea, a dream, a need, a cause or a desire that you would like to have funded you go through a site and have an online money drive.

The idea is that the charity of the masses will help you by donating to you cause if they find it worthy.

Well, one site, GoFundMe.com has decided that only liberal causes are worth supporting and instead of letting the people who actually give money decide, the big wigs at GoFundMe have decided that they will undermine those who might find like minded people to help them.

Apparently, instead of letting the market decide what is worthy these potentates can’t run the risk of some non liberal notions gain any traction.

Here are just a few recent examples of GoFundMe playing politics to undermine the very nature of crowd sourcing.

The Klein Family in Oregon stood up for their rights as Christians not to make a wedding cake for a pair of homosexuals who explicitly went to their bakery in order for the Kleins to be forced to go against their Christian values.

The Kleins had their First Amendment Rights violated in a miscarriage of justice and were fined to the tune of $135,000 for exercising their freedom of religion.

A GoFundMe page was set up.  GoFundMe deleted the account and the fundraiser was cancelled.

So much for the First Amendment at GoFundMe.

GoFundMe was also in prime form when they callously passed a guilty verdict on 6 cops from Baltimore.  The officers in question were placed on unpaid suspension while an investigation took place in the death of Freddie Gray, convicted drug peddler, while in police custody.

The fundraising drive was to help the officers and their families with living expenses while they are on unpaid suspension.  GoFundMe also deleted their fundraiser.  The know it all’s at GoFundMe have already passed Guilty verdicts on the officers.

Apparently the 5th and 6th Amendment hold little weight for the puppet masters at GoFundMe.

And finally, with a story that hits close to home, Liberty Alliances gun shop in Georgia, Liberty Arms was broken into and robbed by some thug earlier this month.

From Keepandbear.com:

GoFundMe.com is a website that facilitates online donations for a variety of causes. In fact, they claim to be the #1 personal fundraising website in the world. They also publicly state, “There’s no easier way to share your story and attract support.”This promise is true for everyone…. unless you are a small family-owned gun store in Acworth, Georgia who dares to uphold the United States Constitution.

On April 3rd at 3:58 am, a faceless thug broke into Liberty Guns. He carved through 3 firewalls, overcame a robust security system, and stole 36 handguns worth more than $25,000.

After learning that the insurance company would not cover this heist, the Liberty Guns team decided to start a fundraising campaign onGoFundMe.com. Little did they know that GoFundMe.com would cancel the campaign within a few days of launching.

I guess the 2nd Amendment isn’t too welcome at GoFundMe either.

So basically, what GoFundMe is, is a liberal money making scheme whose mission statement is a lie as they only allow people with their own socio-political views to profit from.  Yet, all the while allowing ANYONE to GIVE money.

You just have to walk their jackbooted line if you ever want to GET any money.

There are better and more honest places to crowdsource than GoFundMe and I urge you, if you ever have the need or conversely have the charity to give, to seek out their competitors.

Don’t let this two faced organization prosper.


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