New York City, Citadel of Gun Control Beset By Muggings and Random Acts of Violence

New York City, home of some of the most stringent gun control policies in the nation and of gun control gestapo head Michael Bloomberg has seen a sharp uptick of the victimization of its citizens by roves of thugs and criminals.

Over the past weekend the disarmed citizens of New York who frequent Central Park were prey to at least 3 unrelated and violent muggings.

The first mugging occurred at 9:30pm on Saturday when a gang of 12 teenagers descended upon a couple walking through the park.  The group was armed with knives and tasers and stole the couples cell phones.  For good measure this gang of hoodlums punched the woman in the face.

When gun controllers rage on and on about magazine limits they should take a look at this couple who would need more than 7 rounds to stop a gang of 12 who very well could have gone from beating the woman to killing her boyfriend and raping her.

Of course, being New York City the couple was all ready at a disadvantage being disarmed by the policies of gun hating hoplophobes like Bloomberg and his ilk.

The second mugging occurred on Sunday morning where a 45 year old man was choked and robbed of his wallet and backpack by a gun wielding mugger.

I wonder how that can be though.  I mean, gun control is supposed to stop bad guys from having guns.  Oh wait, no, its meant to stop law abiding citizens from defending themselves and ensuring that criminals don’t get hurt in their commission of crimes.

In the third mugging a woman was overpowered and had her purse stolen at 8:30pm on Sunday.

In an ideal gun controller city like New  York, the stronger can run roughshod over the weaker.

And not to think that crime is only limited to muggings in Central Park, at Union Square on Tuesday night between 7:30 and 7:a man went on a hammer wielding mini-rampage attacking two women.

Once again the women had little recourse but to hope that their deranged attacker didn’t beat them to death with a hammer.

This is what gun control looks like.  The weak, the outnumbered, the unarmed falling victim and prey to roving gangs, armed thugs and hammer wielding maniacs.

New York City…it’s a hell of a town…where devils run wild and the innocent suffer.


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