Escaped Fugitive Meets Business End of Female Homeowners Firearm

There’s an old adage that 2nd Amendment supporters like to tell people when they are asked why they carry a gun.  It goes: When seconds count, police are minutes away.

Well, in a case Redding California, about 100 miles shy of the Oregon border, Jennifer Doolittle proved that even when the cops are seconds you can still face down a desperate escaped fugitive with no one to help you but yourself.

Dillon Carmello was on parole for a weapons charge and is a registered sex offender.  At about 9am last Monday Deputies noted that Carmello was “acting bizarre and possibly under the influence of a controlled substance.”  They also mentioned that Carmello kept reaching for his pockets as if he had a gun in them.  Police held him down and had him at gun point but somehow Carmello was able to escape from their custody.

From that point the chase was on.  Local authorities put out a call warning residents “advising residents that officers were in foot pursuit with Dillon Carmelo and he was considered armed and dangerous and on parole.”

Jennifer Doolittle got the call.  The FIRST thing she did?  Was to get her gun.  The second thing was to go outside and bring her dogs in the house.  As I have unfortunately written here a number of times police have a disturbing habit of shooting dogs on a whim.

Cops Execute Puppy Walking Away From Them

Cop Shoots Over Locked Fence and Kills Dog

So whether to protect her dogs from an escaped convict or from trigger happy cops, Doolittle went to retrieve her animals.  As she did so Carmello hopped over her fence and began to charge her.

Remember, Carmello is a convicted and registered sex offender who is fleeing the police and is armed and dangerous.  As he advances on her reaching into his pocket, Doolittle fires an undisclosed number of shots, striking Carmello in the ankle and stopping his advance.

Police showed up soon after and placed the still resisting Carmello under arrest.

So yeah, police were still only seconds away but Doolittle was facing a armed, drugged up sex offender who could have easily taken her hostage and taken refuge in her house before those seconds elapsed and the police arrived.  A lot of bad things could have happened.

But as it turns out, a little firepower in the hands of a law abiding citizen stops a bad guy and saves a woman.

The only mention of gun control that is applicable to this story is that Doolittle should work on controlling the muzzle of her gun so she hits more than one time in her targets ankle.

Other than that, another happy ending for an armed law abiding gun owner.


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