Maine Poised To Join States With Constitutional Carry

In big news the Maine Senate has passed legislation for Constitutional Carry by a vote of 21-14.

In a surprising twist, the vote did not fall completely on party lines, as three Democrats voted in favor of liberty while 2 Republicans turned their back on the Constitution and on the rights of the people.

The bill now heads to the state Legislature which is expected to pass it when it is taken up within the next couple of days.

The bill, L.D. 652, will Maine the seventh state that allow individuals to carry a concealed handgun without a permit. It has 96 co-sponsors, more than half the members of the Legislature, and the blessing of some members of the Republican and Democratic leadership.

It will also be the first New England state that passes constitutional carry.  Vermont doesn’t count because the Green Mountain State has ALWAYS respected the rights of its citizens to keep and bear arms.

But for a New England State to actively pass legislation unequivocally returning the rights to keep and bear arms without needing permission from the government is huge.

It also sets up the sandwich effect with the New Hampshire.  How long would the “Live Free or Die” state avoid Constitutional Carry when it is quite literally wedged between Vermont and Maine?

Of course, not everyone is happy with the result of the Senate vote, but they were seemingly blindsided by how lopsided the vote was.

South Portland Police Chief Edward Googins, an opponent of the 2nd Amendment had this to say:

“I was under the impression it was going to be a lot closer than that.”

Wishful thinking that.  No doubt Chief Googins buys into the hype that people just prefer to be sheep and willingly desire to kow tow to the authority in order to exercise their rights.

That is not to say all those who wear a shield are against Constitutional Carry.  While the Maine Chiefs of Police continued to make the illogical argument that the permit scheme keeps guns out of the hands of criminals, the Maine State Police publiclly supported Constitutional Carry during a hearing on April 8th.

State police Maj. Christopher Grotton testified in support, arguing that Maine’s permit system is antiquated and that permitting is inconsistent across the state’s more than 400 municipalities. He would also state that:

“The permit system does not prevent a dangerous person from owning or carrying a gun, whether hidden or in the open.”

This common sense is in start contrast to Googins who blathered on with a straight face saying this:

“Even though the concealed weapons permit process is not perfect, it does offer a reasonable check without which anyone can carry concealed.” 

Because criminals are lining up at the door to get permits now?  And if they are denied them they just turn their back on violent crime and forget that guns exist?

I’m glad that the vast majority of Maine Senators didn’t listen to this schlock.

The bill also doesn’t do away with the permitting system, it only makes it optional.  A silly thing you might think, but until the entirety of the United States gets back its unfettered right to keep and bear arms a reciprocal permit to travel to other states while armed is necessary and this legislation makes that a possibility.

Assuming that the Senate Legislation doesn’t get bogged down in some beauracratic BS in the legislature, the final hurdle will be with Gov. Paul LePage.

LePage, a Republican has not come out and stated a position on the current legislation but has vetoed legislation that would have strengthened the permitting system in the past.  He has also stated:

“Eventually, I believe we will see legislation that will allow people to carry concealed weapons without going through the bureaucratic maze of applying for a permit. Studies are now confirming that where there are more concealed handguns, there is less violent crime. Therefore, I believe that in Maine, where we already have a culture of responsible gun ownership, we should not be making it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to carry concealed weapons.”

If LePage continues with that mindset then I see no issue with him signing the Constitutional Carry law into effect when the Legislature finally votes on it in the near future.

Do not get me wrong though, people of Maine.  Michael Bloombergs goon squad that is Everytown for Gun Safety is all ready flooding the Legislatures phone lines and mailboxes trying to build some astroturf of dissent for this liberty inspired legislatioin.

DO NOT let them be the only voices heard on this matter.  Do not let Bloomberg buy away more of your rights.

Be loud and carry proud.



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