Poughkeepsie, NY: Agree with Gun Control or “shut up and get out”

Another day, another example of liberal hypocrisy where everyone’s opinion matters and voice should be heard…so long as you agree 100% with their liberal ideology.

This was initially published on Mental Recession:

During a recent city council meeting in Poughkeepsie, New York, Democrat councilman Joe Rich appeared to lose his cool with residents who opposed restrictive gun legislation, telling them to “shut up” and stay out of his city.

Representatives for the Shooters Committee on Political Education (SCOPE) gave a presentation to the council on the negative impacts of an ordinance requiring mandatory storage of firearms.

After defending the ordinance because some people might break into one’s house and use their own gun against them if they don’t lock it up, a mind-numbing defense of the concept of mandatory firearm storage, Rich accused the group of not wanting gun laws to work because it would cause Second Amendment supporters “a lot of trouble.”

He accused those in the audience of not even being from the city and not “loving” Poughkeepsie.

One person at the meeting spoke up and said there are certainly people at the meeting from the 2nd Ward that Rich represents, including himself.

That’s when Rich snapped:

“Quiet! You’re not recognized!” Rich shouted. “Shut up! You’re not recognized…I’m tired of having people from the audience interrupt me! I’ve listened to all you people from 5 p.m.! Shut up!”

He told the pro-gun group to “leave us alone.”

What caused the furor in Rich’s eyes?

“I didn’t mean to lose my temper,” he told the Poughkeepsie Journal.  “But felt it was abusive for them to come there in large numbers, wearing their shirts.”

So, large amounts of Second Amendment advocates wearing shirts are a source of angst for Mr. Rich?

At one point, someone in the crowd yells out “Oh my God, the man needs help!”

Watch the fiery exchange below …



So basically, if you actually show up and want your voice heard you better come by yourself, not to wear a t-shirt that supports your view and be lock step with the would be dictator you are addressing or else you are just the worst kind of person…riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

New York…you never fail to amuse.  Not funny haha…funny sad.

Come on Poughkeepsie…next election Councilman Joe Rich has to go.



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