Constitutional Carry: New Hampshire Falters While Maine Rises

In an update from earlier articles I have written about the 2 New England states bucking the gun control trends from nearby states of Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York, Maine and New Hampshire have both passed legislation allowing their citizens to fully exercise their right to keep and bear arms without the bureaucracy, cost, or invasion of privacy and human dignity that goes along with begging the government to do so.

Unfortunately, New Hampshire’s leading mouth breather, Gov. Maggie Hassan has gone against the will of the legislature and the will of the people by vetoing the Constitutional Carry measure.

Hassan gave the standard two faced talk from both sides of her mouth by stating that she supports the 2nd Amendment but by eliminating the need for people to beg the government to exercise their rights it would “compromise the public safety of our citizens.”

No…the only thing it would compromise is the notion that Hassan runs a fiefdom in which her subjects must grovel before her and beg her pardon to exercise their rights.  Rights that Hassan and her government should have no business interfering in the first place.

Hassan called the existing law “common sense and responsible,” saying it gives local law enforcement crucial oversight to keep communities safe meanwhile providing those who were denied a permit a way to appeal.  It’s all about the government having “oversight.”

Another thing that always gets me is when gun controllers like to say they believe in the 2nd Amendment…right before they take a steamy stinking dump all over it.

You see…the 2nd Amendment ends with this funny little phrase that gun controllers seem to gloss over…especially when they say they support the 2nd Amendment: the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed

As a free and law abiding citizen…the minute I have to ask the government to exercise my 2nd Amendment rights is in and of itself an infringement.

It sounds like Hassan wants her gun control and keep her job too.  I hope the good people of New Hampshire (if her veto cannot be overturned) remember this when she is up for her reelection.  Gov. Hassan doesn’t believe you can exist without the government taking care of you.

In happier news, Gov. LePage of Maine had no troubles signing into law the Constitutional Carry bill.  The only issue I have with the Maine Constitutional Carry law is that it covers people only 21 years of older.  There is an exception for people 18-20 who are in the military, and while I appreciate the nod to our servicemen and women, aren’t we all voting citizens at the age of 18…should we therefore not have full use and freedom to exercise ALL our rights?

Perhaps this will get straightened out in future sessions, but it is a good start and my congratulations to the people of Maine to regaining more freedom today than you had yesterday.

Maine is now the 6th state to forgo the infringement policy of permitting the right to keep and bear arms.  As they say… “as Maine Goes, So Goes the Nation” …Only 44 more to go.

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