NAACP Acting Just like the Taliban and ISIS

I remember years ago how disgusted I was when the Taliban, left unchallenged, made it a mission to actively destroy history.

I remember watching the Buddha‘s of Bamiyan, after surviving 1500 years of wars, mother nature, erosion and all things that threatened it over 15 centuries, were destroyed by dynamite by the hateful, small minded and petty fools of the Taliban.

For history buffs the video below may be a little difficult to watch.

In an instant, some ignorant hate filled terrorists destroy history because they don’t agree with it.

ISIS is no better as you can see in the photo below of them rampaging through a Museum of Assyrian Antiquities in Nimrod, Iraq with sledgehammers.

isis destroys


These savages take glee and cheer the destruction of all history that they do not agree with.  All in order to promote their own, narrow ideological dogma.

And now the NAACP can call the Taliban and ISIS brothers.

In small ways the NAACP has been against historical symbols they disagree with, like the 15 year long boycott of South Carolina due to it having the Battle Flag of the Confederate flown on public land.

But in recent times their support and mirroring for the tactics of Muslim extremists have been jarring.  Like their support of the desecration of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife’s grave.

And even MORE strikingly similar is this recent stance by the Atlanta NAACP: ALL symbols of the Confederacy must be removed or destroyed from Stone Mountain Park.

What happens to be in Stone Mountain Park?

Only the largest high relief sculpture in the world.  A relief that happens to depict Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson and Jefferson Davis upon horseback.

stone mountain

For scale, the ear of one of the horses is as big as a man.

The NAACP-iban would have this work of art blasted from the face of the Earth…literally.  In referring  to Davis, the former president of the Confederate States of America, and the two Confederate generals, Richard Rose, chapter head of the Atlanta NAACP said this:

“Those guys need to go.  They can be sand-blasted off” 

Just like the terrorists in the Middle East, the NAACP has had some recent victories in their desire to erase all evidence of a history they disagree with and feel emboldened to continue.

And politicians have been all too willing to grovel at their feet to help them.

Newsflash.  Slavery happened.  It’s not a good thing, nor a thing that should happen again but it DID happen.  The Civil War happened.  Good men owned slaves.  Good men fought for the South.  They’re graves should not be desecrated, their existence should not be wiped from the history books, their symbols buried from sight nor their monuments blasted to dust.

That is what extremist terrorists do.  They try to erase all history that doesn’t agree with their dogma.

What’s next NAACP?  Are you going to start burning history books that don’t make all Southerners before 1865 into monsters?

I recently met a girl in Pittsburgh who is a supporter of the NAACP who doesn’t celebrate the 4th of July because “George Washington owned slaves.”

This madness has got to stop.  Don’t let the NAACP and their radical leftist race baiters make you believe that disagreeing with them makes you a racist. 

Don’t let the terrorists win.

Don’t let them erase history.  

Once its gone, it doesn’t come back.


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