Model and Actress Kelly Carlson Carries A Firearm for Self Defense

Model and Actress Kelly Carlson is not some gun hating Hollywood actress, quite the contrary.  She recently opened up on her pro gun viewpoints and why she herself carries a firearm.

Despite being trained in the Filipino martial art of Kali since the age of 19, Carlson understood that some situations may arise where Kali wouldn’t be enough.

“Owning a firearm…was life changing for me because women for sure, but even men too can be in a very, very vulnerable position with no options if you have intruders or any scenario where you’re being dominated physically. [A firearm] is the only equalizer you have.”

kellycarlson gun

Carlson has recently revealed that in 2012 she was a victim of a stalker who hired 7 men to break into her house, compromise her electronic devices and ambush her.

After several break-ins and being followed on the streets, she contacted law enforcement who were not sympathetic to her situation.

“Law enforcement, they didn’t take me seriously. probably because I’m an actor but also because my situation was a little crazy.”

Ironically, this would lead to a positive outcome for Carlson personally as she would soon meet her future husband in counter surveillance expert and Navy SEAL Dan Stanchfield.

Kelly and dan

Stanchfield would teach her more than just how to handle a gun but also the situational awareness that is vital to being a gun owner.

Let me be clear about something though, this isn’t a story about a Hollywood Actress being against guns and then needing one and changing her stripes.  Carlson has never been against guns but has in recent times has become publicly vocal about the need for people to defend themselves.

And she speaks as someone who lost a loved one at the hands of a criminal who was armed with a gun.

Years ago she lost her uncle when he was shot dead at point blank range by a criminal.

“I wanted to tell my story because it’s unique where I’ve had a family member be murdered from a firearm and not for a second did anyone think in my family to champion stricter gun laws.”

“We went after the criminal, we didn’t put the gun in jail.”

Another person on the left coast that is thinking right.

That’s always good to see.


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