Left Coast Pols Can’t Ban Them So They’re About To Tax Them Out of Existence

Leave it to the left coast politicians to not only talk out of both sides of their mouths but also to do something so intuitively stupid and against their own publicly stated intent.

Since banning guns is so difficult for liberals because of that pesky little 2nd Amendment thing, they have had to get creative to infringe upon the rights of the citizenry.

In Seattle, the City Council’s Education & Governance Committee met yesterday to push forward a plan to tax every gun and every single bullet that is sold in the city.

For guns it is $25 per gun.  For ammunition it is 2 cents for every round of .22 and a nickel for any other piece of ammunition.

Depending on how much you shoot that adds up real quick.

Now, of course the city council isn’t going to come out and say this is an open attack against the 2nd Amendment.  No, they are going to say that it is meant to raise money in order to combat gun violence.


Councilman John Okomoto had the usual doom and gloom gun grab mantra ready to spew forth:

“I don’t think we could stand idle and do nothing when we are seeing this epidemic in our city. We can’t wait for the state.”

How exactly is nickel and diming (literally) law abiding citizens going to help this “epidemic” Seattle is facing?

It’s not.  And that is a sentiment held by many local citizens.

Gun owner Ian Birmingham said of the motives behind the council:

“It’s obvious what they’re trying to do — damage and hurt the local businesses under the guise of doing something to protect or raise money to fight gun violence.

And it is obvious.  Because with these tax hikes businesses will be driven from the city and Seattle will actually LOSE money in the deal.

While the city estimates the gun violence tax would raise between $300,000 and $500,000 a year the truth is it will lose over $1,000,000 a year.  The council’s number is an estimate based on background checks and licensed dealers in the city and state, but the owner of Precise Shooter, Sergey Solyanik said the formula is “ridiculous.”

“(Committee members) just don’t understand the areas that they are trying to regulate and they didn’t try to talk to any of us.”

Along with Precise Shooter, Outdoor Emporium is another dealer prepared to move out of the city. If that’s the case, Seattle would lose $1,000,000 dollars in taxes each year.

Shocker, liberal governance of higher taxes work just as well as gun free zones.

With the passing of this tax in committee it will now be voted on Monday, August 10 by the full council.

I suggest to all my Seattle readers that you make sure your voices are heard before that vote is cast.  Or you are going to have to spend more time travelling the next time you need to pick up some ammo.



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