A Gun Owners Take on Embattled Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis

By now, if you have been paying attention you have either heard of the name Kim Davis or at least about a Kentucky County Clerk who refuses to issue same sex marriage licenses.

Davis, until about a week ago a registered Democrat, has refused to issue marriage license to homosexual couples in direct opposition to judicial rulings on the matter.

Davis has been so committed to her beliefs that she has gone to jail for contempt of court instead of issuing the licenses that she so disagrees with.

I respect Kim Davis’ commitment to her beliefs and the lengths she is willing to go to in order to follow them.

Now she needs to be fired.


You heard me right.  Whether I agree with her stance or not is irrelevant.  She is a civil servant who is paid by the taxpayers to do a job.  If she refuses to do her job then she needs to be fired.  Let her make her stand for her beliefs by taking the brave step of walking away from her position and salary.

Some of you may find this an interesting opinion coming from a member site of the Liberty Alliance.  I can understand that.

But let me ask you this: What if a taxpayer funded employee of the government was a religiously based pacifist who didn’t believe in the use of firearms?  What if, based off that religious belief, they refused to issue any concealed carry permits or refused to transfer gun purchases?

I would be saying the EXACT same thing.  Its nice that you are all a pacifist and all but DO YOUR DAMN JOB!!!

And if that official refused to I would be calling for their head because they are denying me my 2nd Amendment rights.

Now, is marriage a right like the 2nd Amendment?  No, I don’t believe it is.  In fact I don’t think the government has any right to play any role in the institution to begin with.  BUT, we know find ourselves in a land where same sex marriages are legal.  If Kim Davis’ beliefs stop her from doing her job as a public servant then I admire her commitment to those beliefs and will do moreso when she steps down from her position.

I will not be a hypocrite on this matter and say that some public servants can do whatever they want while others MUST obey the law.

I mean, we have this trouble all ready with gun controllers breaking the law in order to deny people their 2nd Amendment rights.  Its not right for some bureaucrat to decide which laws they wish to follow and which ones they don’t.

By championing Kim Davis to stand by her beliefs WHILE keeping her job is a dangerous precedent and one gun owners should be wary of endorsing…less they find themselves denied a license using the same argument.


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