Bank Calls Gun Owner Over Gun…TWICE!!!

So in honor of the new fiscal year I thought I would share a story of a gun owner and his recent dealings with his bank.  That gun owner happens to be me and the bank in question is First Niagara.

Since I recently moved to a different part of Pittsburgh I decided to start going to a closer branch of First Niagara to do my banking.  As many of my readers no doubt do when depositing money in the bank I went with my sidearm on my hip.  The warmth of the day did not require a coat so my sidearm was visible.

The actual deposit making went off without a hitch as I small talked with the cashier and was out of the branch in about 5-7 minutes.

Later that day, I receive a phone call from the bank manager, who we’ll call “Mike.”  While Mike was very polite he told me that the bank has a policy against bringing firearms into their branches.

This was news to me as I have had accounts with First Niagara for years and I told Mike, that I was uncomfortable depositing or withdrawing money from my accounts if I cannot protect myself going to or from First Niagara.

He understood my point but reiterated it was policy.  I asked if it was a branch policy or a corporate one.  His response was corporate.  The conversation ended with me telling him I would look into it and would most likely be closing my accounts with him in short order.

That was the first call.

The second call came the following morning.  It was Mike once again, still as polite and professional as ever…yet this time the story had changed.

Mike told me that after our talk and the concerns I raised about travelling to and from a bank unarmed he looked into it and wanted to apologize to me as he misunderstood the policy at First Niagara.  The fact was that there were no corporate policies barring me or any law abiding citizens from entering a First Niagara bank (though some branches in high crime areas paradoxically still can).

As such I will not be changing banks and it just goes to show that sometimes having a polite and professional conversation with someone, instead of just going straight defensive and bashing them in the face with 2nd Amendment tropes, can have positive results.

I have no problem recommending First Niagara bank to gun owners as this has been the first instance like this in my many years of patronage.  And it was resolved very quickly and professionally.

But if you are worried about your bank being anti-gun, here are some of the worst offenders in the banking world for being anti-gun: Anti-gun banks worst in the nation

Remember, banks only guarantee your money if you get robbed IN their bank.  Coming to and leaving from? You’re on your own.  If your bank does not respect your right not to be robbed and murdered, it is time to find another one.

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