A Smart Reply On the “Cost” of the 2nd Amendment

Since Bullets First does have its presence in social media (check out our facebook page FB: BulletsFirst and twitter account @bulletsfirst1 ), I understand the drivel and mindless flame tossing that goes on those sites.

Especially when people, mostly gun grabbing hoplophobes cloak themselves in the cowards bravado of anonymous internet warrior.

It is therefore refreshing when i come across something on social media that is well thought out and intelligently written.

Before I get to what I found I have to put it into context.

The following reply was written in response to this asinine cartoon drawn up by gun hating, 2nd Amendment abolishing liberal hack Tom Toles:


Oh, how clever Toles is…or so he thinks.  Here is, in part, what one facebook poster Johannes Paulsen had to say on the absurdity of this cartoon:

A similar scoreboard could be totaled up for almost all of our bill of rights. (Let’s forget, for the moment, the fact that the cartoonist is apparently ignorant of, among others, the Battle of Athens, Tennessee apparently doesn’t consider slaveholders to be tyrants or the fact that even passionate gun control advocate David Hemenway endorsed the suggestion that there are around 100,000 defensive gun uses in the country each year . . .

How many people have caused deaths and injuries because of encouragement received from others with ill intent (mob violence, lynchings, or even mass shootings like this one?

How many murderers have gone free because we insisted on maintaining the rights to a trial by jury, because we insist that the police have probable cause before a search or arrest, because we insist that the accused has a right against self-incrimination, or because we insist that police and prosecutors follow the right procedures in their investigations?

It’s easy to post facile cartoons–even easier than drawing them. It’s almost as easy to reach for a utilitarian argument for restricting any of our civil rights, since by their very nature, they do enable some of the worst elements in our society. It’s amazingly easy to stand athwart history at a moment of tragedy shouting: “There ought to be a law!” It’s easy because, emotionally, we want to do *something*, and we like to think that doing *something* is better than nothing. That is, after all, how we ended up saddled with the USA PATRIOT Act and numerous other intrusions on our civil liberties over the past fourteen years. That is how we ended up expended countless lives and treasure in a string of inconclusive and destructive wars from Libya to Afghanistan; from Iraq to Syria.

It’s much harder to argue against the danger to our society from eviscerating the constitutional protections we enjoy for our civil rights. It’s hard to argue that police ought to have to respect the civil rights of a suspected murderer. It’s hard to argue for civil rights when the evidence is clear that a lot of people out there are stupid, sociopathic, irresponsible, and criminal.

And yet, however inconvenient it is to do so, it is IMPORTANT that we stand up for those rights, even when it is unpopular, even when it enables elements of the worst in our society, because at the same time, those rights far more powerfully protect and enable the best in our society. They are a bulwark that the weak, the unpopular, the poor, and other marginalized elements in our society can rely on. Indeed, to remove them would be to fundamentally change the kind of country and people that we are.

Well said Mr. Paulsen.

Paulsen brings up all the right points.  We have our freedom and our rights and with that comes the danger of some bad people abusing them.  That doesn’t mean we should lose our rights.  That just means we have to accept the price that comes with liberty and be ever vigilant.

A conviction gets thrown out because a cop conducted a bad search?  That’s unfortunate, but that doesn’t mean I have to be subject to warrant less searches.  So too, is it true with the 2nd Amendment.

But the final point, one Paulsen only brings up in passing and which Toles snarkily probably never even realized he was making…there are zero check marks on the overthrown tyrant side of the board.  We will give him a pass on the Revolutionary War when the citizens used their own rifles to drive our the British, or the War of 1812 when Andrew Jackson led pirates, freed slaves and regular folk armed with their own weapons to finish the British in New Oreleans.

What Toles overlooks is that there is NO check-mark for overthrown tyrants because the 2nd Amendment has by and large stopped one from ever taking over this country.

The 2nd Amendment is last line of liberty in America and so long as the people are armed the tyranny of those in power can only go so far.

But I doubt Toles and his liberal, gun hating snob buddies like to discuss that over their vegan watercress sandwiches in their ivory towers.

The 2nd Amendment, keeping Tyrants at bay since 1791.

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