Hilary Duff Gets a Gun To Empower Herself

Actress and singer Hilary Duff is the latest celebrity to purchase a firearm. Her handgun of choice? A Glock.

TMZ was the first to report on this:

Duff cruised out of a Culver City gun store over the weekend with a Glock case and ammo in hand, though it’s unclear what model she purchased.

It was also revealed that before purchasing the firearm, Duff allegedly got her handgun safety permit. What better way for a woman to empower herself than buying a handgun?

Duff has previously sung about being self-reliant, as her song “Supergirl” suggests:

Haven’t you heard?
I’m Supergirl
You don’t wanna mess with me
I got your back
I know your every move
And I got everything you’ll ever need

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. First, Duff is a native of Texas and is reportedly a Republican. Second, Duff is among the millions of women–particularly young women–who are purchasing firearms for reasons related to safety, empowerment, and recreation. Third, she is a young mother to a three-year old. Take that, Moms Demand Action!

It’s refreshing to see a Hollywood actress want to take matters into her own hands and empower herself with a firearm. Too many women in the entertainment industry have succumbed to radical feminism, so it’s refreshing to see the former Lizzie McGuire actress blaze a trail for gun-toting women in La La Land.


Gabriella Hoffman is a guest contributor to Bulletsfirst.net, renowned public speaker and the creator and editor of her own successful site: All-American Girl for the Restoration of Values


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