No call for universal background checks for knives after mass stabbings in California?

Our friends over at Godfather Politics recently posed the philosophical question of why we don’t treat mass stabbings the same way we treat mass shootings.  The answer they come up with is rather obvious to me, its because the gun haters who push for control of you lives don’t actually care about your safety, they just want you stripped of your right to keep and bear arms.

From Godfather Politics:

Every time there is a mass shooting, Barack Obama calls on Congress and the American people to pass anti-Second Amendment legislation which includes universal background checks for everyone owning, purchasing, gifting or receiving a firearm. He continues to declare that the universal background checks will decrease gun violence and deaths.

If Obama is serious about the reason behind his quest for universal background checks, then he should be calling for the same thing for anyone purchasing, owning, gifting or receiving a hunting knife after what happened Wednesday morning at the University of California, Merced campus.

According to early reports, a student armed only with a large hunting knife entered an art class and stabbed a student. A nearby contractor heard what he thought was a fight and entered the classroom to break it up only to be stabbed several times. The knife wielding student then left the classroom and stabbed a student adviser and a student who responded to aid the wounded adviser. Two university police officers responded and when the knife wielder turned to face them, they shot and killed him.

Had the student used a gun and shot the four people, Obama would have already been repeating his rhetorical anti-gun garbage in an effort to disarm and control the American people. But since it was a knife, he remains silent about the need for the same controls on sharp weapons as he demands on guns.

If you do a little research, you will discover that there are numerous stabbings in America every day. For instance, one site listed weapons used to murder someone in the US from 1965 to 2012. Guns were used to murder 8,855 people in 2012 and knives were the second most popular murder weapon of choice that year with 1,589 murders. Don’t forget that Air Force Staff Sgt. Spencer Stone, who was hailed as a hero for helping to stop a terrorist attack on a Paris train in August, was stabbed by a knife wielding man in Sacramento.

If you believe what Obama has been spewing about guns, you would expect to see a continual increase in the number of murders with guns per year, but in fact, they have been decreasing since hitting a high of 16,136 gun related murders in 1993. Mind you these numbers only reflect murders, not woundings.

But you never hear anyone calling for universal background checks for knives nor do we see many signs indicating a knife free zone. The reason has nothing to do with reducing violent crimes.

You can read the rest of this article here: Where is Call for Universal Background Checks on Hunting Knives after California Mass Stabbings?

The point is worth reiterating that the mainstream media is complicit in the Obama administrations agenda to eradicate the 2nd Amendment from the Bill of Rights.  Stories of gun violence are exploited and sensationalized then shoved down the throats of the public.  Conversely, real tales of self defense are hardly given a mention and always end with the article or report stating that “authorities are not seeking charges at this time.”  Even when a gun is used in completely in lawful self defense, the media uses slight innuendo to try and make it seem like it was JUST BARELY legal.

We shouldn’t expect the mainstream media to do anything but take its marching orders from the likes of Bloomberg and Obama and parrot the same misinformation about guns while burying the truth beneath their own complicity.


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