Unarmed Good Samaritan Becomes Another Victim

They say that no good deed goes unpunished, a lesson that 25 year old Tulane medical student and Good Samaritan, Peter Gold, recently found out when he stopped 21 year old Euric Cain from abducting a drunk woman from the streets of New Orleans.

Gold came across Cain dragging a woman down the street and intervened to help.  Unfortunately for Gold he did so unarmed and when Cain pull out his gun Gold found himself on the wrong end of the equation.

At this point Cain demanded money from Gold and then shot him in the stomach, Cain attempted to shoot Gold in the head but, by the grace of God, the gun jammed and Gold survived the incident.

Here is the survellaince footage of the incident, captured by the street camera:

Now, what Peter Gold did was incredibly brave and heroic.  But also foolhardy and dangerous and he is lucky to be alive.  I’m not saying he shouldn’t have stepped in and he probably saved this woman from being raped if not murdered but maybe he should rethink about doing such things unarmed.

Had Gold been carrying a firearm and could have controlled the situation with Cain looking down the barrel of a .45 while awaiting the cops, he could have avoided his injuries, his brush with death, and Cain would be locked up as we speak.

For my readers in the Big Easy, this is a photo of Cain, who is still on the loose:


And here is a photo of Peter Gold:


As you can see Cain is black and Gold is white.  Unfortunately it gets me thinking about the race wars that Obama, Sharpton, Jackson and others like to spew forth.  No doubt, if Gold were to be armed, stopped Cain ON FILM from abducting a white woman from the streets and had to shoot him in self defense, Gold would somehow have become the bad guy.  Apparently in Obama’s America, black lives matter more than others.

But still, even if Gold had to weather the metaphorical slings and arrows after putting down a rabid scumbag like Cain, it would still have been better than weathering the real bullet that lodged in his stomach.

And of course if the situation played out as I described and Gold was a hero who defended not only himself but the woman about to be raped and murdered, Bloomberg and his gun control fanatics would have painted Gold, not as a good Samaritan, but rather as a gun nut vigilante.

Apparently, being white and a gun owner is a lose lose in the court of liberal opinion…but I’m ok with that.  I’m not going to let political correctness jeopardize my life because of racists like Obama and Sharpton, or hoplophobes like Bloomberg…and neither should you.

Once again, I hope that Peter Gold has a swift and full recovery and that Cain is quickly brought to justice before he can hurt anyone else.  Perhaps this situation will have Gold reconsider things in the future; not in helping damsels in distress, but ensuring that he does so properly equipped.


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