So Chicago…How’s That Gun Control Working Out For You?

Despite the overwhelming population of Illinois being in favor of gun rights, concealed carry and in general the 2nd Amendment as a whole, Chicago, run by Barack Obama hatchet man, Rahm Emanuel, has made it as hard as it can be for denizens of the 2nd City to exercise their 2nd Amendment Rights.

Not like my faithful readers here will be surprised by the result, but Chicago remains one of the most dangerous big cities in the nation.

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There were 437 homicides in 2011; 506 in 2012; 420 in 2013; 416 in 2014 and 468 in 2015. The 468 homicides for 2015 doesn’t include current death investigations that could be classified as homicides in the future. The 2015 homicide rate also does not include police involved shootings including those deemed justifiable.

Note that not all homicides involved guns. As for shootings, there were 2,272 people shot in 2013. In 2014 the number of people shot in Chicago jumped to around 2,600 and in 2015 there were 2,939 people shot.

Additionally, a new report says that Chicago is the mass shooting capital of the nation. Justin Glawe of The Daily Beast reported:

“Four men and two women were shot on April 5 last year, then five weeks later a 15-year-old boy and two men were shot.”

“Another 15-year-old boy and two men were shot in July. Three men were shot on August 21. Three men and a 73-year-old woman were shot in September. Again in September, two boys ages 12 and 16 were shot along with an 18-year-old man. Two women and one man were shot on that same block on Nov. 19.”

“These mass shootings didn’t happen in Roseburg, Lafayette, Charleston, or Chattanooga but in Chicago’s worst neighborhoods, where—by one measure—it is more dangerous to live than the world’s most-murderous countries.”

“West Garfield Park, population 18,000, had 21 murders last year, which makes for a homicide rate of 116 per 100,000 people. The world’s leader in murders, Honduras, has a homicide rate of 90, according to the United Nations.”

“Following West Garfield Park in lethality was West Englewood and its 73.3 murder rate, more than second-place Venezuela with its 53.7 rate. Chicago’s Chatham (58) beats Belize (44.7); Englewood (52.6) outdoes El Salvador (41.2); South Chicago (48) tops Guatemala (39.9). The United States as a whole has 4.5 murders per 100,000.”

It didn’t take long for Chicago to experience their first shooting of 2016. Two hours after ringing in the New Year, a 24 year old man was shot and killed in the Bronzeville neighborhood in the Windy City.

You can read the entirety of the rundown at Godfather Politics

The illogical deductions that liberal gun haters like to draw from this is that the abject failure of gun control is reason for MORE gun control.

Gun control is never the answer unless the question is “What can the government due to ensure that criminals are free to perpetrate more crime safely?”

But as I said before, Rahm Emanuel was Barack Obama’s hatchet man for years and it should come as no surprise that his former boss is looking to do an end around Congress and the will of the people in order to enact more gun control via executive order.

You see…in Emanuel and Obama’s minds, they want to every city to be just like Chicago.  Look over those numbers again…do YOU want to live in Chicago?

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