Beretta 9mm Saves Family in Missouri

Thankfully Missouri is one of those states that doesn’t go out of its way to protect criminals by making it nearly impossible for law abiding citizens to exercise their Second Amendment rights.  For had it been like Washington DC or New York, Katie Claxton doesn’t think she or her family would be alive today.

Katie, was waiting in her car along with her four children as her husband Matt pumped gas at the Rapid Roberts on Sunshine Street in Springfield Missouri Sunday night.

Katie saw a man acting strangely and approaching her car.  Before she could lock the doors the man, David Middleton, opened the door and leaned in with a large knife.  Katie then yelled to her husband to get his gun at which point Matt drew his Beretta 9mm and pointed it squarely at Middleton.

According to Katie, Middleton stated “You’re lucky he has a gun”, as he began to slowly back away.  They then called 911 to report the attack.

I’m just going to break the narrative right now and point out the importance of the FIRST thing that happened BEFORE the 911 call.  Matt drew his gun and stopped the attacker from killing his family.  Without a gun, he could have called 911 and the cops could have arrived in time to tape off the area and make 5 chalk outlines in the bloody mess that Middleton would have left.  Somehow, gun control zealots always prefer that option rather than innocent people not being murdered.  Go figure.

Instead of letting this nutjob go on his merry way to hurt someone else, the family began to follow him in their car as Middleton walked down the street, keeping the police up to speed via 911.  Middleton attempted to get into other cars that were stopped at intersections before the police finally arrived several minutes later.

Katie Claxton said the officers were “amazing,” but she is happy her husband was able to protect her family until police arrived.

“You don’t go out looking for trouble,” she said. “But if trouble comes knocking, you’re there to answer.”

As for Middleton, this is where things get a little crazy.

He told police he was paranoid and believed the vehicles in the Rapid Roberts parking lot were sent by his cousin to do surveillance on him.

But here’s the kicker, he said he tried to carjack those other cars because he was concerned about having a gun pointed at him.

That just goes to show you that gun control is all about making the criminal feel safer.  Because in states that believe in the 2nd Amendment, guns in the hands of the law abiding sends criminals fleeing while crapping their pants.

For the Claxton’s, the family is safe and sound thanks to the 2nd Amendment and their willingness to exercise their rights to protect themselves.

Middleton is being charged with two counts of unlawful use of a weapon and possibly more as the investigation continues.



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