How does a 105lb 4’11” Senior Citizen Fight off a 200lb Attacker? Superior Firepower

While gun control zealots have made it their life’s mission to ensure that the weak, the old, the small, the outnumbered and the law abiding are disarmed so as to ensure the safety of criminals and terrorist alike, it is good to know that there are still places in America where freedom rings…with a pull of the trigger.

When young thug Michael Bontaites, 23 went looking for victims Monday night in Manchester New Hampshire, he thought he found the perfect mark.  His target was a towering 4 foot 11 inches tall, weighing in at 105lbs and seeing the 6th decade of her life.  Bontaites had a foot on her, 100 lbs and 40 years.

Now, in a gun controllers utopia, the die would have all ready been cast and Bontaites would have rolled up on this woman, beaten her to death and taken what he wanted.

Fortunately, this is the Live Free or Die state and his would be victim chooses the first.

The unnamed lady said that after filling up her gas on her way home she noticed that she was being followed by a dark colored sedan that tailed her all the way into her apartment complexes parking lot.  Upon parking she said that Bontaites parked very close to her and as she was making her way to her apartment he quickly hurried after her.

She turned and saw Bontaites with a dark hooded sweatshirt on and his reaction was to move around the woman and blocked her path and reach for her in an attempt to impose his will on her.

At this point, no doubt Bontaites thinks that his plan is going perfectly…that is until the woman pulls out her handgun and shoots him in the chest.  He goes down hard and she runs into her apartment to call 911.

While waiting for the police, Bontaites was helped back into his car by a female accomplice who then drove him to the hospital.  An officer on duty had heard the description of Bontaites over the radio and arrested him upon his arrival.

Police also arrested another of Bontaites accomplices, Zachary Boyd, who accompanied him to the emergency room.  He was arrested on a charge of felon in possession of a deadly weapon, for having a knife.  Boyd’s criminal record dates back to 2004 and lists robbery and burglary among his crimes.

This small, undersized senior citizen, in a gun controllers paradise would have been helpless against one of these predators.  But thanks to her exercising her 2nd Amendment rights she put one in the hospital and saved her own life.

For shame on the gun control zealots who think it is better than she be raped, robbed and murdered instead of doing exactly what she did.

As they say, God created man…Samuel Colt made them equal.


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