Electrified Booby Trapped Bike Shocks a Number of Would Be Thieves [Video]

I do love a good comeuppance story when it comes to would be thieves.  As a child I had my bike stolen and it always rubbed me the wrong way that some scumbag would come along and steal a kids bike.

Now, it took a couple decades but I think I can put that restless nagging feeling to rest thanks to brothers Jeremy and Jason Holden.  They run a little youtube channel called: TwinzTv

In the following video entitled Bait Bike in the Hood Prank, the brothers rig up a bike with electrodes in the seat and in the handle bars to give the thieves (who think they are so smooth) a rude awakening and a lesson that stealing is wrong.



I have to say, those were AWESOME.  And considering that these criminals were in the act of stealing the bike they have no grounds to sue for being videotaped or for any possible injuries that might have occurred.

Smart idea to place the bike on a downhill slope too.  Ensured that hilarity would ensue.

I hope you all enjoyed that as much as I did…especially if you ever had your bike stolen as a kid.



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