Prime Example of Why An Armed Teacher Is Such A Good Idea

It has long been established that spree shooters will be like water and follow the path of least resistance.  And when you are a mass shooter on the lookout for places to go where you can kill a lot of people without any resistance you go to so called “Gun Free Zones.” Or if you are said shooter I guess you would consider them “Criminal Empowerment Zones” because they only make you, the bad guy, safer.

While there are examples of armed teachers saving the day by stopping a mass shooting before it occurred and then being pointedly ignored by the liberal media as they try to make it like such things never happen, it is not only in America where such heroic deeds by educators are done.

From our friends over at Mental Recession bring us this story:

Militants raided a university in Pakistan on Wednesday, killing at least 22 people when they launched an attack timed to coincide with a ceremony at the school to help ensure maximum carnage.

A previous attack in 2014 by the same group at a school in the city of Peshawar, resulted in the deaths of roughly 150 students.

After that terrorist attack, officials decided to arm teachers and give them weapons training, something liberals have fought tooth and nail against here in the United States.

That decision to arm teachers in Pakistan may have saved lives, and one man – Chemistry teacher Syed Husain – is being hailed as a hero for helping save lives during the recent attack.

According to Agence France-Presse, Syed Hamid Husain, an assistant chemistry professor, pulled out his pistol and began firing at two of the attackers as they neared a classroom. But the 27-year-old teacher was outgunned by the militants, who were armed with assault rifles. After a gun battle, Husain was killed, students said.

Still, students at the college in Charsadda, about 30 miles from Peshawar, say Husain is hero. By pulling out his weapon, they told reporters, their teacher gave them time to escape.

You can read the rest of the article at Mental Recession: Teacher Saves Lives

It is an admirable thing for a teacher to give up his life to protect his students, but if the Pakistani University had not learned its lesson 13 months ago, if it followed the asinine policy that so many schools in the US do that would leave Syed Husain defenseless before these militants, his death would have been meaningless because after they quickly dispatch him they would have killed his students who would not have the time to escape.

Having a gun did not make Syed Husain a superhero.  It did not stop the attack and he did not kill all the bad guys.  What it did do, was save the lives of all of his students by buying the time necessary for them to escape.

And that is something that Gun Control would have made impossible.

Syed Husain died protecting his students and his gun made sure that his death was not in vain.  His entire class is LIVING proof of that.


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