Air Force Gets It’s Head Out of the Clouds Concerning Guns On Base

In a example of common sense overcoming the yoke of political pressure on the military, the Air Force Top Brass has reconsidered it’s private gun prohibition for its servicemen and women.

Earlier this month the head honchos of the Air Force sent out a letter to all base commanders informing them that they can allow service members to carry their own personal sidearms while on base, whether on duty or not, in uniform or out.

On top of that, top brass has established three different programs that will ensure the men and women of the Air Force will be in a position to help defend their bases upon attack.

Maj. Keith Quick, the Air Force Security Forces Integrated Defense action officer had this to say on the programs:

“None of these programs gives the installation commander authorizations they didn’t already have the authorization to do. We are now formalizing it and telling them how they can use these types of programs more effectively.”

Though it might surprise the general public, the carrying of firearms for personal protection while on military installations has long been banned.  Effectively creating the most ironic gun free zones in America.

The idiocy of that policy has led to needless deaths in a number of base killings:

June 1994: Airman Dean Mellberg opened fire at the Fairchild Air Force Base hospital outside Spokane, Wash., killing four people and wounding 23 before a security officer killed him.

October 1995: Sgt. William J. Kreutzer Jr. went on a shooting spree at Fort Bragg, N.C., killing one officer and wounding 18 soldiers, members of the 82nd Airborne Division, as they participated in morning physical training exercises. He was sentenced to life in prison.

June 2009: Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, a self-described Islamic radical, opened fire on a military recruiting center in Little Rock, Ark., killing one Army private, William Long, and wounding another, Quinton Ezeagwula. Muhammad was sentenced to life in prison.

November 2009: Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan carried out the largest mass murder at a military installation in American history, opening fire on dozens of unarmed soldiers at a medical deployment center at Fort Hood, Texas. Thirteen were killed and another 32 were wounded. Hasan was sentenced to death.

October and November, 2010: Marine Corps reservist Yonathan Melaku committed a series of drive-by shootings at various military installations in northern Virginia, none of which resulted in anyone getting hurt. When law enforcement agents arrested him, they found bomb making material with him. Melaku was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

September 2013: Twelve people died and four were injured after a government contractor opened fire inside the Navy Yard complex in Washington, D.C., committing one of the worst attacks at a U.S. military installation since the November 2009 killing of 13 at Fort Hood. Gunman Aaron Alexis, who had just recently begun an assignment at the site, was shot and killed by officers. Authorities later said that Alexis, who appeared to target his victims at random, “held a delusional belief that he was being controlled or influenced by extremely low frequency, or ELF, electromagnetic waves.”

July 2015: A gunman killed four Marines in attacks on a military recruitment center and a Navy and Marines reserve center. A police officer and a Marine recruiter were injured in the violence. The gunman, identified as Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, died after a shootout with police.

After years of vulnerability and leaving service members defenseless against radical Islamists the Air Force has finally taken the proactive and logical step to save lives…but eliminating gun free zones.

It was this final attack at the recruiting station that finally moved the Air Force to act, confirmed by an Air Force spokesperson who acknowledged to that the attack in Chattanooga was the reason for the review and outcome.

About the newly established programs, Quick said three established by the Integrated Defense team enable commanders to increase security through conceal-carry. One of the new initiatives, the Unit Marshal Program, enables commanders at every level permission to work with security forces to train Air Force members and allow them to open carry their M9 service pistol at their duty location.

These programs would not be a requirement and would not interfere with the carrying of personal firearms of the airmen and women.

Leave it to the gun control zealots to lose their minds over the notion of military personnel carrying firearms to protect themselves.

Gun Control zealot Ladd Everitt, spokesman for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, had this nonsense to spew:

“The men and women leading our military understand their mission and the risks that come with barracks and mess halls full of guns.

“Don’t hold your breath waiting for them to embrace America’s degenerate gun culture. They won’t, and thank God given the potential implications for national defense.”

This kind of drivel is what gun control kooks like Everitt saw when they argue against guns on college campuses.  So apparently, in Ladd Everitt’s mind NO ONE is capable of carrying a firearm to protect themselves.

I do wonder, what pray tell, are the implications for national defense besides keeping soldiers safe from the random attack by Islamic radicals or other ne’er do wells?  This is the nefarious truth behind gun control…they say that only people trained professionally should have guns…until you want to GIVE them guns.  Then THEY ALSO aren’t worthy to have them.  Gun Control is one of the biggest scams going and this is just further proof.

John Lott, on the other hand, president of the Crime Prevention Research Center had some common sense and logic to add to the conversation:

“Finally, someone in the federal government is recognizing what has been obvious to sheriffs and police across the country. Concealed handgun permit holders have stopped dozens of what would have clearly been mass public shootings.”

Gun controllers want criminals to be safe. That is why they are so keen on keeping gun free zones.  Gun rights people want criminals to be afraid they are going to be shot if they commit crimes.

That’s the difference and that is why we are right and they are wrong.  The more people start realizing this the less Criminal Empowerment Zones (ie Gun Free Zones) there will be.

The Military is off to a good start and I hope the other branches will soon follow suit.


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