What A Congressional Democrat Wastes the Peoples’ Time and Money On

Have you ever wondered what Democrat Lawmakers in Congress do now that Obama has basically told them to sit down and shut up while he hijacks the entire legislative process through things like his army of Czars and his Executive Actions?

Well, in the case of the Congressman [score]Sean Patrick Maloney[/score], Representative of NY’s 18th Congressional District has decided to attack Donald Trump…the park.

While the 18th District is entirely North of New York City and only touches a fraction of Westchester County, Maloney carpet bagged himself from his Manhattan residence 2 years ago and bought a “summer home” in the district in order to get himself elected.

With those kind of roots in the district, it is no wonder that Maloney thinks the most important thing his constituents want is to change the name of Donald J Trump State Park.

What else could the people of NY’s 18th Congressional District want before petty politics?

One of the candidates seeking the Republican Nomination to take on Maloney in November has a few suggestions:

So Maloney chooses to ignore the economy, Iranian aggression, terrorists posing as Syrian refugees, unsecured borders and the like to focus on the name of a park.

A little history lesson for Rep. Maloney about this park and how it came to get its name.

In the 1990’s Donald Trump bought several tracts of land which would come to total 282 acres across Westchester and Putman counties.  In 2006, Donald Trump donated the land to create the park, the land valued at $100 million.

Of course, leave it to New York to let a donation go to waste as the mismanagement of the park and the inability to acquire an operating budget of only $2500 a YEAR has forced the park to be closed since February 2010.

So not only is Maloney wasting taxpayers time and money on renaming a park but he is wasting the taxpayers time and money on a park THAT HASN’T BEEN OPEN IN SIX YEARS.

This is the kind of inane Washington BS that should not be rewarded with reelection.  If Maloney can’t find anything worth while to do while in Congress he should not be allowed to return.


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