Funny: Dumb Robber Tries To Rob Store, The Results are Hilarious

In Pensacola, 24 year old street tough Jarell Blackmon thought it be a good idea to go and rob a convenience store.  So around 2:25 in the morning Blackmon went to the Beacon Store at 1101 W. Cervantes Street.

This bandito rolls into the store wearing camouflage, a hat and a bandana over his face.  The store clerk, 20 year old, Abed Alslaq, told him to remove the bandana.

At which point Blackmon refused and ran around the counter, pulled out a gun and pointed it at Alslaq demanding money.

While destracted with getting some money and a few cartons of cigarettes, Alslaq pulled out HIS firearm and shot Blackmon in the neck.

Now, while this is a good story so far you may be asking what is so funny about it as the title of this article indicated humor.

Well, Blackmon did not fire back at Alslaq because Blackmon decided to rob the store WITH A FAKE GUN.


Dumb dumb dumb.

Blackmon, with a gaping hole in his neck, that miraculously missed his jugular and carotid, and a toy gun in his hand, flees the store bleeding from his neck.

When officers arrived on the scene they set up a perimeter and the K-9 unit found Blackmon shortly thereafter hiding in the 600 block of North E Street.

He was taken to the hospital for his neck wound.  Here’s a picture of what stupid looks like with a gun shot hole in his neck:


Blackmon was charged with armed robbery, grand theft, public order crime (wearing a mask or hood during commission of a felony), possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and resisting without violence.

Now, how does one get charged with possession of a firearm when one uses a fake gun.  Well, Blackmon said the gun he used was fake (thus admitting that he committed the crime…dumb) and for some reason tossed it away while he ran.

If they don’t find this fake gun they can go ahead and charge him for what looks like a real gun on the convenience store video.

Stupid just seems to multiply with this guy.

Oh well, he’s lucky to be alive.  Alslaq needs to work on his aim.

For our intrepid shooter, Alslaq is not facing any charges for shooting a robber with a fake gun since there was no way he could have known it was fake at the time.

All’s well that ends well.


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