Israel To Finally Form Gun Lobby

A newly-elected member of Israel’s Knesset plans to formally launch a gun lobby due to heightened security reasons. 

“Personal security is a matter of partnership between the state and its citizens,” Ohana said to Jerusalem Post. “More must be done to ease the process for obtaining permits for firearms.”

Israel has some of the strictest gun laws in place, making it difficult for residents to obtain firearms for personal defense unless for official security reasons. The Library of Congress has a summary of current Israeli law with respect to firearms:

The law designates persons holding certain positions, such as designated ministry employees, authorized community leaders, managers or owners of premises, and licensed guards and escorts, as eligible for firearms licenses based on security needs.  Licensed private investigators, providers of guard services, and authorized escorts for field trips or camping trips may similarly be granted a license.  The law also authorizes the issuance of firearms licenses to film producers and performers for purposes of gun possession or use during a performance.

Due to increased security threats from nearby antagonists, Israel should have eased restrictions on firearms use for its citizens a long time ago. Better late than never, I guess.

Let’s hope other countries boasting strict gun control laws soon ease restrictions and adopt policies that closely resemble our Second Amendment.


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